Hugarian gold medal berliner Wine Tropgy summer 2023

Hungary is the 6th of 32 countries at Berliner Wine Trophy

The summer tasting has brought 69 medals

The OIV accredited German wine contest is important for Hungary, we always participate with quite a large number of wines. Last summer Hungary won 89 medals and earlier this year, at the winter tasting our country collected 104 medals. At the recent summer edition Hungary received “only” 69 medals, yet it ranks us to the 6th place out of 32 countries.
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Szekszárd again

If we look at the wine regions (also called wine districts or sub-regions, the ones that we have 22), we can see a strong Szekszárd dominance, just like at the previous edition. Szekszárd collected 19 medals followed by 11 from Tokaj and 10 from Villány. Though each of the 6 Balaton sub-regions collected only a few medals, altogether Balaton gathered 11 medals.

Leader in Central Eastern Europe

Out of the 1623 medals (grand gold, gold or silver) Hungary is the absolutely in the top league with its 69 medals. 32 countries participated, and Hungary is the 6th in the ranking regarding the number of medals. The first is obviously Germany (404), then come the three ever-winning countries, Italy (393), Spain (223) and France (174) followed by Austria (86) and here comes Hungary with its 69 medals.

The other countries from the former Eastern bloc did not participate (Croatia, Slovenia) or sent only a few samples and won hardly any medals except for the Czech Republic with its 23 medals. Bulgaria (2), Romania (7), Serbia (2) and Slovakia (6) are barely visible, the usually active Moldova collected only 4 medals, just like Georgia with only 1, however Ukraine gathered 10 medals – the wines of this country must be taken more seriously.

The gold winner wines of our cover photo

A. Gere Attila Cuvée 2017, Villány

One of the 2 grand gold winners along with Gróf Degenfeld 5 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2017. Attila is named after the founder, and it is the most prestigious Bordeaux blend of the estate. The winery won another gold with the iconic Solus Merlot.

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A. Gere Attila red blend Villány, Hungary

Lajver Syrah–Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, Szekszárd

Rosés do not often make it to the top of the chart, however, this rosé blend is a premium wine made with careful manual cluster selection. Apart from being a great rosé, Lajver wine looks gorgeous as well in its distinct shape bottle, with the elaborate label and lovely colour.

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Lajver Premium Rose Szekszárd, Hungary

Eszterbauer Nagyapám Kadarka 2022, Szekszárd

Kadarka is an indigenous grape variety of the Carpathian basin, with special importance in Szekszárd. János Eszterbauer and his team makes several Kadarka wines, Nagyapám (My Grandfather) is one of the two premium Kadarka wines.

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Eszterbauer Nagyapám Kadarka Szekszárd, Hungary

Vylyan Fehér Variáció 2022, Villány 

Vylyan Vineyard and Winery won another gold medal with Montenuovo 2021, the most popular red blend of the estate, however, the success of ‘Fehér Variáció’ meaning ‘White Variation’ is probably more interesting – a white gold winner from the southernmost, red wine dominated wine region of Hungary!

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More about Fehér Variáció

Vylyan fehér Variáció white blend Villány, Hungary

Vesztergombi St László Bikavér 2019, Szekszárd

Vesztergombi Cellar won not one, not two, but three gold medals! St László Bikavér 2019 proves that the excellent terroir and careful winemaking can maintain high quality – after the “golden rain” of the vintage 2017 the glorious march cannot stop. The other gold winners are Turul 2019 and Csaba 2020.

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vesztergombi St László Bikavér, Turul, Csaba, Szekszárd, Hungary

Le Tour de Dúzsi Szekszárdi Merlot Rosé 2022, Szekszárd 

Another rosé among the gold winners, this time a playful one from Dúzsi Family Winery lead by Tamás Dúzsi senior, “The Rosé King”. They have a whole portfolio of rosé wines with several varietal wines. The bicycle on the label refers to the passion of Tamás Dúzsi, while the number of people on the bicycle represent his big family.

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Le Tour de Dúzsi Merlot Rose Szekszárd

Feind Aliga 2022, Balatonfüred–Csopak

This white blend of Zenit, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Chardonnay and Olaszrizling is probably the cheapest gold winner of Hungary with a retail price of less than 5 euro! Feind Winery also won a gold with Berekszél Rhine Riesling 2022. The renewed, family run estate is more and more important not only in terms of quantity but in quality as well.

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Feind Aliga white blend balatonfüred, Hungary

Steigler Premium Bio Kékfrankos 2020, Sopron

Though on the website of Berliner Wine Trophy the Austrian name of the grape variety is used (Blaufränkisch), we insist on the Hungarian format: Kékfrankos. Sopron wine region near the Austrian border is one of the best growing areas of the grape and Steigler with its organic grape growing is an estate to watch (and to import until all the wines of them are taken).

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Steigler Bio Kékfrankos, Sopron, Hungary

Csányi Chateau Teleki Villányi Cabernet Franc 2019

Another evidence of the potential of varietal Cabernet Franc wines in Villány. The cellar door on the label opens the “treasury” of the cellar with the oldest wines of the estate. The underground cellar labyrinth is worth a visit – the longest one in Villány.

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Chateau teleki Villányi Franc Villány, Hungary

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