Kristinus Biodynamic wine estate Balaton, Hungary

Hungary will rank higher in the biodynamic world chart thanks to Kristinus

Officially biodynamic with all of its 62 hectares

AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) has recently published a list of countries with the largest amount of biodynamic plantations. Out of the 22 countries Hungary ranks 17th in terms of biodynamic plantations proportions of the national vineyard area, the 9th in the EU countries. However, the report is about the year 2021, and in 2022 there has been one significant change: Kristinus Wine Estate received its Demeter certification for all of its 62 hectares, and with this Kristinus is the largest biodynamic producer of Hungary. Hence the next chart will look different with more than 92 hectares certified in Hungary.
See AAWE chart below.
Other biodynamic producers in Hungary: Weninger (Sopron), Wassmann (Villány), Pendits (Tokaj), Meinklang (Somló).

We are Demeter. Four years have passed since we set out on the biodynamic path. A journey that makes us more conscious and happier, that produces natural, healthier, great tasting and more sustainable wines and foods. We have gained many new friends, partners, collaborators and companions and we are grateful for your support. Our farm individuality has developed and has been inspired with our animals. It is a path with a goal, but also one without end. The journey continues, join us.
Florian Zaruba winemaker and general manager and the team on 2nd September 2022

“No more gas masks!” How did it all start?

Read our earlier interview (from 2020) with Florian Zaruba, winemaker and general manager of Kristinus Wine Estate from two years ago, at the beginning of the convertion.

You are what you eat

“We offer local food made of local, seasonal ingredients.” Have you heard this sentence a thousand times? It is one of the “must-say” slogans of bistros, the more hipster the place is, the most passionately they have to repeate this mantra. However Kristinus with its in site restaurant, Lokál 47 took a deep dive and raised the term of “local ingredients” to a nect level: all the growers and producers of the ingredients are listed in the menu, therefore we know exactly where the porcini comes from (Zsolt Szabó / Fox Chili) or who bred the catfish (Panarini Fish House).
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New vintage of Analóg

Timeless wine made of great fruit – this is Analóg, a white blend made of Sauvignon Blanc, Tramini and Olaszrizling. “When we blended together with the Kristinus’ team, we found a simply pure and naturally good wine right before our eyes. The wine was eventually called Analóg, because of the timeless things made from valuable raw materials and the proven old methods” – says Bortársaság (the Hungarian ‘Wine Society’), a company who participated in the birth of Analóg.

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Kristinus vineyard Balaton Hungary
AAWE biodybamic vineyards by country 2021

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