International Aszú Day from Budapest to Taiwan

Celebrate with Tokaji Aszú and foie gras

On the 10th of December, 2018 we are celebrating the second Aszú Day. Be an ambassador of Tokaj Aszú on this day, purchase a bottle of Tokaj Aszú, ask for it in your favourite restaurant or uncork one at home and prepare a dish with foie gras to accompany it. Finally share the experience with others.

A day that have changed some minds

„The first Aszú Day was surprisingly successful, we received unexpected feedback from all corners of the world. Many people remarked on how they were not really keen on sweet wines before but having tasted an exceptional aszú on this day made them change their opinions. It just goes to show what I have often encountered personally: after the first experience with aszús you are bound to re-evaluate the whole category”, says Dániel Kézdy about the debut year of his brainchild, Aszú Day. „Following last year’s more adventerous choice, Sechuan cuisine, this year our focus is on something more traditional but at the same time highly exclusive: foie gras.”

3 Aszú events in Taiwan

This December we are happy to announce three tastings of Tokaji Aszús in three different places, on different days, organized by European Consumer Product Trading Co and TKJ wine. The closing tasting will be held in the capital Taipei: a tasting and wine dinner with 6 brilliant Tokaji Aszú wines. The wine list includes for example the 6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú from Patricius Winery from 2006: „Nicest aromas of botrytized berries followed by enormous, high structure and full body. Long, smooth, endless taste and exceptional deepness of peach, apricot and fig character. Full of Tokaj.”

For more information about the tastings in Taiwan


Aszú and foie gras

Though most people consider it a dessert wine Tokaj Aszú partners well not just with desserts. Hungary is among the top producers of quality goose liver so it is only natural that in Hungarian cooking one of the traditional matches for aszú wines is foie gras.

The slightly sweet flavour of foie gras beautifully complements the residual sugar of aszú and the vibrant acidity is the perfect antidote to the rich texture. When preparing the food one should also take into consideration the character of the aszú. Young aszús are best matched with fruit and herbs, older, mature bottles pair well with dried fruit, jam and caramelized dishes. Due to the variations in vintages, vineyards and technology aszús show great diversity providing ample room for bolder experiments with flavours when cooking.

Enjoy a bottle of Tokaji Aszú and don’t forget to share the experience with others!





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