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Katinka – a glass of dessert

Would you like some dessert? Have a glass of Katinka! This sweet pleasure is one of the most popular wine of Patricius Winery, and it is always a top selling wine at Budapest Airport. For this late harvest wine healthy, overripe and botrytised berries are fermented together, the result is a heavenly golden drink, fresh and luscious at the same time. The wine is named after the owner’s daughter (Katinka is used as nickname for Kate, but it is used as an independent first name as well, as in case of Katinka Kékessy). The “recipe” varies according to the vintage. In November 2017 Furmint, Yellow Muscat and Kövérszőlő grapes were harvested. After fermenting in stainless steel, 45% matured in oak for 4 months, the rest stayed in steel. The 129 g residual sugar is nicely balanced with the 7.4 g acidity.

“The charac­teristic varietal notes of Furmint and Yellow Muscat form the foundation of this wine, braced by minerality and zippy acidity for great balance and topped off with an incredibly long finish and creaminess.” The wine is ideal to pair with creamy desserts, but also lovely with foie gras. And it is easy to enjoy by itself… Now the wine is available in limited edition gift pack.

Katinka and other wines of Patricius Winery


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