Heumann La Trinita 2017 Villany

La Trinità – a ‘hedonic’, 5 star Cabernet Franc

Another success of Heumann Villányi Franc

La Trinità (formerly Trinitás) from Villány is the ultimate pleasure for wine drinkers, but a potential threat for fellow wineries: wherever La Trinità enters, it wins. The wine has been marching through countries, contests, wine magazines gloriously. The most recent acknowledgement has come from market leading Hungarian print wine magazine called VinCE. La Trinitá is the best of the latest issue’s panel tasting, the winner of the tasting of varietal Cabernet Franc wines, plus it is the only wine of the tasting that has achieved the victorious 5 star result!

Hedonic wine

VinCE tasting panel about La Trinità: “Dark ruby colour. Intense, matured nose with sour cherry, blackberry, plum, clove, coffee, pepper and leather notes. Good structure, complex palate, rich in alcohol. Round, “hedonic wine’ full of black berry fruits and flavours reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. Long lasting aftertaste.”

More about Heumann Winery

Andreas Larsson world champion sommelier about La Trinità

Earlier vintage Trinitás, the price value champion in Vinum magazine

Trinitás, the price-value champion Cabernet Franc

Heumann wines are imported to several countries.

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Heumann La Trinitá Villány

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