Let’s go picnic this weekend! Etyek Summer Picnic

Date: 10-11 June
Location: Újhegy, Etyek, Hungary
Type of event: open air festival

Etyek is often mentioned as the „vineyard of the capital”, being so close to Budapest that it is worth going there for a glass of wine. Újhegy is a row of cellars in Etyek, where the Picnic takes place once in every season. Cellars open their doors, craft food is sold in the street, music bands play non-stop for two days – a really relaxed place, really so rural – and really so close to the city. The event is a vivid fair, like a medieval market with musicians, craftmen, smell of freshly roasted meat and with a lot of laughter in the air.

Haraszthy wines and craft cured ham

Haraszthy Winery is situated in Etyek, though not in Újhegy, but in another row of cellars called Öreghegy. To make it easier to find them, they will offer their superb Sir Irsai and their crispy Sauvignon Blanc among their other wines in the cellar of Laci Árpás, a man who is famous for his amazingly delicious cured ham. Taste ham and wine, listen to piano music, buy some handmade ceramics or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Lajvér – one of the guest wineries

Apart from the local, Etyek wineries, visitors can taste wines from wineries all over Hungary (even from over the borders with Géza Balla from Transylvania). Lajvér arrives from Szekszárd, and they offer their wines to taste with a completely new image. Their Rosé is a perfect summer wine with every flavour of the ripened summer berry fruits, while their Cuvée Blanc is an unusual blend of Cserszegi Fűszeres and Sauvignon Blanc. Elderflower, freshly cut grass, summer fruit market and many other bits of aromas…

Tickets? No tickets

The Summer Picnic is admission free, the tasting glass costs 1000 HUF (3.25 euro). Bus service operates from Kelenföld railway station to Etyek:

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