Love and bonfire – needed more than ever!

Haraszthy Vineyard has several evitable merits: it was one of the pioneers to put Etyek on the wine map of the world (Etyek–Buda wine region near Budapest), plus it has always managed to add some exotic spice to rural Hungary. I remember my first experience visiting them, well after midnight during a typical, rustic wine festival. I was climbing up the hill with some friends, expecting nothing but another cellar, however I found myself in an American movie scene with ‘shiny happy people’ around a fancy swimming pool.
(‘Me’ is Ágnes Németh, editor-in-chief of Hungarianwines.eu.)

A special characteristic to surprise

Years passed and the Argentinian owned estate still has the capacity to surprise “village goers”. The restaurant of the estate has always been famous for its genuine steaks, recently it has been renewed and has got even fancier, just check the website of Matador. The owner, Carlos Coelho is absolutely faithful to the memory of Ágoston Haraszthy, a man with a super adventurous life.

And the amazing statue, ‘Love’ is another evidence of the open minded character of Haraszthy Winery. Vál vineyard is another terroir of Haraszthy, where the marvellous Love statute is situated. It is a unique, grandiose statue created by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov. This breathtaking piece of art had been erected in Nevada at Burning Man festival in 2015, but now it shines its message of love in Hungary, it was inaugurated in September 2017.

Bonfire on 10 October

Haraszthy Winery will celebrate its new vintage – and life in general – around this stunning piece of art on the 10th October. Guests are welcome from 4 pm in the afternoon, the entry fee is 3500 HUF (11 euros), which includes a glass, unlimited wine and goulash consumption (goulash soup is cooked in a large bowl called bogrács on open fire). It IS a real bargain for this price! The sunset is amazing at Vál vineyards with wine in hand!

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