Macarons made of Tokaji Aszú, sparkling and red wine


New delicacies from Chez Dodo, Budapest (with a bit of insider info)

We, the editors of take objectiveness seriously: we recommend to our readers only what is superb quality, we write about things that are up to date and we always try to research new pieces of information. This piece of news today is not an exception, in that we recommend something absolutely magnificent, we are up to date – these macarons are brand new –, and the wines involved are undoubtedly stunning as well, like the Kreinbacher méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines from Somló, about which we have written several times already.


…still, this piece of news today is an exception, because we are writing about a great friend, who has a noble personality, who helps his friends in need – and who happens to be the owner of the best macaron manufacture in Hungary!

Péter Váry – as he is called – opened Chez Dodo two years ago with his old friend, Dóra Szalai. Dóra loved experimenting and she had dreamt of having a real macaron shop. Years passed, Dóra completed a course in Paris, and after sleepless nights of planning and working finally Chez Dodo opened in the heart of Budapest, and its fame spread rapidly in Budapest, then in the whole country and internationally. All gourmet platforms have written about Chez Dodo, Michelin-star restaurants buy their products, and the number of their regular guests increased fast and still increases. They must grow somehow, because there is an inevitable need for Chez Dodo macarons, so the question of future is how to grow and maintain the outstanding quality at the same time. Chez Dodo has the potential for sure. And until a Chez Dodo opens in your city, you can’t do anything, but visiting Budapest and tasting probably the best macaron of your life. And the creator, the mastermind behind the tastes is a wonderful young lady, Dóra Szalai, who happens to have her birthday today!

We wish Dóra a very happy birthday and we wish her and Péter to continue with fulfilling their dreams – and we want these macarons forever. And now, let us give the words to Dóra about the „three new wine involved macarons.”

Kreinbacher Rosé Brut – Sparkling Raspberry

The thought of a wine macaron collection has been lingering for a while now. I just did not have the courage to make my choice. The Hungarian wine palette is just so immensely grand and complex. I am lucky to have a few wine lovers and professionals around me who have helped with the selection.

For my sparkling wine – raspberry macaron I opted for Kreinbacher winery’s Rosé brut sparkling wine, I knew that the light-bodied fruity taste with its velvety bubbles will make a perfect couple with juicy and tasty raspberries. For the ganache I softly blended Valrhona’s Ivory Blanche white chocolate as it’s a lot less sweet and I did not want to overpower the subtle taste of the wine. This time the cream consists of 3 different layers, a light raspberry and a creamy sparkling wine ganache swirls around an intense raspberry heart in the middle.

Disznókő 6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú – Golden Aszú

My aszú-golden raisin-walnut macaron is pure aszú pleasure. I have blended a handful of golden rainsins and a generous amount of Disznókő winery’s 6 puttonyos aszú and Valrhona’s less sweet Ivory Blanche white chocolate to make flavours even more intense. A caramelized roasted walnut is hidden in the middle for a full experience.

Ruby Red – Frigyes Bott Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch)

My third macaron from the wine collection might be the most daring one. I’m not a huge red wine fan (yet – this might come with age) but when it comes to red wine my almost instinct flavor pair is cheese. I’m also happy to share my red wine-fig-goat cheese macaron with you. The figs are soaked and carefully cooked in Bott Frigyes winery’s spicy Blue Frankish red wine and this flavory chutney is hidden in creamy goat cheese ganache. I would like to thank all three wineries for their indispensable guidance and help, you are the true contributors to these new loves of mine.

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