Make love and drink Juhfark – does it help if you want a baby boy?

Well, the first action definitely does. The most important indigenous grape variety of Hungary’s smallest wine region, the volcanic soiled Somló is said to have a positive effect on women who long for a son. The legend goes back to the XVIII. century, when Maria Theresa, Habsburg archduchess of Austria and queen of Hungary ordered the young Habsburg archdukes to drink Juhfark wine from Somló on their wedding night so that they would have an heir as a fruit of the night. The argument was backed by the local observation, that four times more baby boys were born then girls around the hill of Somló.

Endre Czeizel, Hungary’s most famous geneticist, who has passed away recently, commented the belief. ‘Stomach is very far from the womb’ – said he undermining the myth immediately. The professor claimed that certain diets might influence the sex of the baby, but these researches still lack evidence, and some of them are too long and hard to keep. Intimate irrigation may have significant influence, however, if the irrigation liquid is acidic, it helps to find their way for X chromosomes, which are for girls, and alkaline environment helps Y chromosomes, and therefore the boys. The grape Juhfark is highly acidic, thus if it has an influence, it has a reverse one: it might enable women to give birth to girls!

It is enough to look at Maria Theresia’s family: she had 16 children, and 11 of them were girls! The message of the story is that one should enjoy Juhfark for its own merit, not for family planning.

Endre Czeizel

Endre Czeizel

Juhfark takes its name from the sheep’s tail, as the long cylindrical shape of the bunches resemble the sheep’s tail. Juhfark has a rather neutral, restrained nose with some flowers and green apples. High, sometimes brutal acidity. It is really difficult to tame this variety, but there are amazing examples of it in history! If you are not afraid of straightforward acidity, take a chance on it. In Somló, the minerality paired with high acidity results some outstanding wines with great aging potential.

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