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Name wanted for 150 euro icon wine

The latest flagship blend of Vesztergombi Cellar (Szekszárd wine region) has already been bottled, but the name is still missing. We know certain things for sure: it was made of outstanding grapes from an extraordinary vintage, and its retail price will be around 150 euros. It might sound bold, but Csaba Vesztergombi has a crystal clear explanation.

Would you like to be the godfather or godmother of this wine? Send your idea until 31 March to
To make it a little bit more difficult, Csaba already has an idea, or the beginning of an idea, but he is happy to get rid of it if a better one arises. The name should sound well for international winelovers.

If your idea wins and makes it to the label, your prize is a case of 6 bottles of this unique wine – obviously worth 900 euros.

Background information about the wine

– Vintage 2017 is outstanding indeed: all the varieties ripened fully due to the exceptionally beautiful September and October, but the vineyards with their ideal exposure played a significant part as well in creating a wine, which is great from an international perspective, yet it is still a truly Szekszárd wine.
– The fruit for new icon came from the best vineyards with strict yield control – and the process of selection did not end here.
– Each component of the blend matured in high quality French oak barrel.
– The second most exciting phase after the harvest was the selection of the barrels: 92 barrels participated in the game. Infinite number of combinations, but the new icon is the best blend of the best barrels.
– The blend is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.
– The wine was aged in barrel altogether for 26 months.
– A very limited edition: only 1112 bottles were made.
– The package is unique within the estate: the weight of the bottle is 1000 grams.
– Planned retail price: around 150 euros.
– Expected date of release: 4 September 2021

Csaba Vesztergombi

Expectant a with a prodigy

The expected date of release reveals a lot: 4th September, which happens to be the birthday of Csaba Vesztergombi. The metaphor of giving birth has another reason here: parents during the months of expectancy like planning the name of the newborn – even though at that period they do not have much information of the child’s character. Still they have to decide between the serious Clara and the naughty Fanny. In some aspects the winemaker has an easier job when giving name: by that time he has several pieces of information thanks to the frequent tasting. On the other hand, his decision is harder: he has to sell that wine as well, and he wants to get back the money equivalent of the effort and grape he put into the wine.

We cannot draw the attention

Csaba has already participated in countless international wine exhibitions, and he believes that Hungarian wines are not good in terms of pricing. Even though many experts claim that Hungarian wines are overpriced, Csaba claims that the lack of really expensive wines is also a problem. We don’t have wines which fall into the category of luxury. When a wine buyer takes a look at a typical Hungarian price list, he will think that okay, another winery with mediocre wines, a drop in the ocean – and he leaves the exhibition booth without even tasting the wines. However, if the buyer encounters a wine of 100–200 euros, he stops for a moment, his attention is caught, he wants to know what is inside the glass. Csaba mentions Bordeaux as an example. Only 2% of Bordeaux wines are luxury wines, still “they sell the others”. When a consumer buys a bottle of Bordeaux AOC wine, he wants to belong to the class who can afford Bordeaux.

Csaba Vesztergombi consulted the first Hungarian Master Sommelier, Tamás Czinki, who works in the United Kingdom. The sommelier tasted himself through the portfolio including the new icon wine, and with him they agreed on the 150 euro price – with this price it will nicely fit on the top of Vesztergombi product pyramid.

vesztergombi cellar szekszard
Ferenc and Csaba Vesztergombi

Why not Kadarka?

Indigenous or international variety? This question is present in every discussion, in case of every new marketing campaign. The Vesztergombi family cannot accused of not paying enough attention to local grapes. Ferenc Vesztergombi, the owner of the estate and Csaba’s father was chosen Winemaker of the Year in 1993 – and he is often called The Kadarka King. And the author of this article had the pleasure last summer to participate in a wonderful Kadarka tasting presented by Csaba Vesztergombi for the winners of the 3rd Hungarian WebWineWriting competition. They love and care about the local grapes. But, when it comes to selling an expensive wine to foreign customers, there should be a strategy. “We cannot even explain why people should taste Kadarka or other local wines. They do not have any reference, they don’t know what to smell and taste. International varieties are capable of producing top wines, thus first we should demonstrate our ability with those varieties.”

More information about Vesztergombi Cellar

Suggestions for the name should be sent here no later than 30 March 2021.

Vesztergombi Cellar is selected The Most Beautiful Vineyard in Hungary in 2020

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