Nectar in the glass – says Indian Fine Wine Magazine’s team about Tokaj

Indian Fine Wine & Champagne magazine is a high quality print and e-magazine under the management of Ritu Singhal chief executive. Their print circulation is by invitation while the e-reader is free for access to anyone and its circulation is international. Thanks to the generosity of the Ambassador of Hungary in India, H.E. Gyula Pethő, the editorial team had the chance to visit Budapest and to taste several Hungarian wines – as they say “our maiden trip to Budapest found us being treated to gems from the Treasure Chest!”  Their insider infos are more than interesting, plus the wine descriptions are colourful and funny – they really make you thirsty. Here we quote 3 of their tasting notes.

Barta Öreg Király Dűlő Szamorodni, Tokaj, 2013

Light bright gold. Orange peel, apricots and honey with hints of sweet spices. Sweet lime, lychee, mangoes, honeycomb, caramel toffee and a bit of hazelnut. Lovely balance of ripe fruit and nuances of botrytis.

Inside Information: In the 19th century, the extravagant Russian Czar who was very fond of the “wines of the gods”, rented a village in the region of Tokaj from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. About a dozen officers from his military were commissioned to stay in that village with clear orders – choose the best wines for the Czar. But the better part of the job was to taste all the wines and obviously get drunk. In the 21stcentury, Barta offers you a similar option. Stay in the historic Rákóczi-Aspremont mansion on the estate in the village of Mád and taste the wines of the estate – to get drunk is your choice!

Verdict: Standout cloying sweetness.

Kovács Nimród Rhapsody Bikavér Monopole, Eger, 2014

Bright garnet red. Cranberries. Oak. Vegetal and green peppers. Cherries. Dry tannins. Mineral. Medium finish with slightly bitter aftertaste.

Inside Information: Selected from own Premier Cru terroirs, the wines owe their characters to the granite and tufa laden soils. The microclimate of Bogács Lake lends fresh and fruity balanced flavours. The winery is housed in seven continuous cellars on the historic Verőszala Street in Eger. The wines are made in the tradition from the 18th century – where wine press houses were just above the cellars and once the grapes were pressed and the juice fermented, wines were stored in barrels in the cool cellars below – with 21st century technology.

Verdict: A harmonious Hungarian symphony.

Béres Tokaji Magita Cuvée, Tokaj, 2016

Bright golden yellow. Enticing nose. Stone fruits. Christmas cake and spice. Lush texture. Ripe apricots, tropical fruits and honey. Lingering finish – almost everlasting. Defines balance.

Inside Information: A very prestigious family owned, premium class, medium size winery in the Tokaj wine region that made its debut in 2003. State-of-the-art technology and a modern outlook works the historical plots of their estate which is a total of 45 hectares and the wines are outstanding – with even higher promise. “Every single drop is Béres” conveys that the winery upholds proven Béres values of quality, reliability and perseverance.

Verdict: Nectar in the glass.

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