On top of the coolest city


360 BAR – a rooftop bar with igloos in Budapest

Andrássy avenue, the most fascinating street of the capital of Hungary is full of glamorous shops, beautiful villas. On top of the tallest building a trendy bar awaits its guests with breathtaking panorama, good food and good music – and even with their own apple tree. The terrace with the 360 degree panorama is an obvious choice in summer, but what about winter? 360 Bar has the solution: you can reserve an igloo for you and your company, and enjoy sitting outside and warm inside at the same time!

Recommendations from the menu


– Smoked duck breast green salad with fruits
Wine pair: Teleki 2,5 Bar aerated rosé cuvée from Villány (Csányi Winery)
Though ‘bar’ in the name of the wine refers to the pressure in the bottle, it is still funny to taste 2,5 bar in 360 bar… But leave behind Maths and enjoy the light dish with this fruity, lovely sparkling wine.

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Piros veltelini

– Pasta prosciutto with cream, seared ham and basil
Wine pair: Vylyan Kakas, Villány

Italian dishes are popular all over the world, so they are in Hungary. This rosé is fresh and fruity, its crispy acidity pairs well with the creamy plate, and in the hot, heated igloo you will enjoy the chilled rosé as if you were in a jungle – well, a city is like a jungle, after all. The name of wine is Cock or Rooster (‘Kakas’)

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Muscat Ottonel

360 Bar
Andrássy út 39, Budapest, Hungary
Opening hours: 12.00–24.00
Reservation: +36-30-356-3047