Once again about the Furmint book

A few days ago we published a piece of news of the new release Furmint book. We still keep getting emails inquiring about some characteristics of the book, so we think it is wise to clarify the main points again.

  1. The book is bilingual: written in Hungarian and English, in every page or page pair you will find the texts in the two languages.
  2. The book is divided into two sections: the first is about important and interestng facts about the Furmint grape, while the second is a list of available Furmint grapes. You can find an example of a page describing a wine here below. Henye Winery / Chateau Dereszla Tokaji Furmint is described in two language around the bottle shot, and little icons show where it comes from, how much is it in HUF, how long you can keep and the level of dryness.
  3. You can get your free copy of the book – until it is on stock – if you write here: borkivalosag@fm.gov.hu
  4. Plus you can find the evaluated Furmint wines (so the second section of the book) online here (You should click on the blue boxes to choose the wine region first.
  5. Until you get your free copy, read about Furmint wines on our website, and if you happen to live in the USA, follow FurmintUSA.

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