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Only 4 days left until Aszú Day

Aszú Day is – 10th of December – is coming closer, but you still have 4 days to order a bottle or pop in the nearest wine store. We will recommend a Tokaji Aszú every day until THE day and we will share a golden drop of information as well. Today our tip is the IWC gold winner Patricius Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos from 2016!


Pure Tokaj in your glass

This gold winner wine is a blend of Furmint, Hárslevelű, Zéta and Kövérszőlő. The maceration of the botrytized berries took place in fermenting wine for 24 hours. Then it matured for in 220 L oak barrel for 2.5 years. It was bottled in July, 2019. The residual sugar is 194 g/l, perfectly balanced with the 11.5 g/l acidity. “Nicest aromas of botrytized berries followed by enormous, high structure and full body. Long, smooth, endless taste and exceptional deepness of peach, apricot and fig character.  Full of Tokaj.” Patricius wines are available in the UK, in Poland, in the United States and in some other countries. If you need help finding them, contact us!
Cover photo: cheese foam with date, peach and walnut crumbs (by chef Frigyes Vomberg)

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Something you never knew about Tokaj

Step outside your gastro comfort zone (by Wineglass Communication)
With its high residual sugar content Tokaj aszú is an excellent dessert wine, and actually it can even function as a dessert in itself at the end of meals. But there is so much more to aszú then just accompanying confections. Classical food matches include foie gras or strong, savoury cheeses like Stilton or Roquefort. Any chicken, duck or pheasant dish made with some fruit is likely to work well with aszús and even sweet toned vegetables – like squash, sweet potatoes or carrots – are good matches. No wonder that aszú is so popular in Asia, as it is taylor-made to accompany their sweet and spicy dishes.



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