Szekszárd, Iván valley wineries

Open cellar doors at Iván valley, Szekszárd on 22 July

Taste the “Kadarka fusion” of 5 cellars

Iván valley is a gorgeous place to hike and the great cellars on the path make it even more attractive. The so called “Kadarka Tour” was an extremely popular event earlier this year, therefore the winemakers of the valley decided to open their cellar doors again. No entrance fee, just relaxed tasting.

Date and time: 11.00–20.00
Participating wineries: Vida Wine Estate, Tüske Cellar, Sebestyén Cellar, Németh János Winery, Heimann Family Estate
Szekszárd is easy to acces by car (only 2 hours from Budapest), train or bus.
Walk a little… From winery to winery, guests should walk, but don’t worry, short distances, for example from Németh János Winery to Sebestyén Cellar it is only 2 minutes. We suggest to start the tour at Heimann Family Winery, it is a bit farther (18 minutes) from the others, so you can do the longest walk while you are still fresh.
Wines to taste: Participants can taste the community Kadarka, a wine made together. This Kadarka is available at each the 5 wineries. Of course, other wines will be offered to, from the crispy white and rosé whites to the serious red wines.
Food: Wineries will prepare different bites to match with the wines: local cheeses, tapas, cold platters, “pogácsa”.
Wineries ask guests to send an email in advance with the approximate time of arrival and the number people in a group so that they can prepare properly.

Contact to Heimann Family Winery

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Kadarka Fúzió Iván valley, Szekszárd 2023

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