Oslo, 28 February: Hidden Treasures from Hungary

Norwegian wine experts, attention! Though it is quite last minute, you can still register for a professional tasting at the Embassy of Hungary tomorrow at 10.30. “Some small, organic winemakers from Hungary formed a team to represent our country’s Hidden Treasures. We would like to present our unique terroirs and grape varieties and the huge potential in our wine scene. In this unique Master Class, you will be tasting wines from the regions Tokaj, Villány, Badacsony, Csopak, Zala and Szekszárd.” The wines are presented and selected by Maria Antoanett Crab (in the photo above), owner of BoReTT, a partnership of small quality wineries. Maria Antoanett Crab or as she is mostly known, Babette is a passionate wine expert who works hard to find new markets for the wines in her portfolio. She has driven all along from Hungary to Norway to conduct the tasting, this is passion, isn’t it?

Date and time: 28 February, 10.30
Venue: Embassy of Hungary, Oslo, Sophus Lies gate 3, 0264, Norway
If you are a wine professional and you are interested, write to us.
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