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Villa Sandahl


Villa Sandahl was founded in Badacsony 2004, by two Swedish brothers with their families. The reason with turning to Hungary, was that world class vineyards were still affordable and could be acquired by wine lovers like us. We knew from start, that we aimed for nothing less than outstanding wines, and grapes for such wines have to come from excellent vineyards, such as the volcanic and mineral vineyards in Badacsony.  After experimenting some years with different grape varieties, harvest dates, yield, and wine making methods, we came to the conclusion that

– The slightly too hot climate in our south facing and steep vineyards, demanded a grape variety that could better stand the heat. Rhine Riesling ripening later with pronounced acidity became the perfect match to the micro climate.

– The most important quality factor, beside a lot of others, is a late harvest. We took advantage of the Riesling late ripening and the Badacsony warm autumn, to stretch harvest time until the grapes almost approached over ripeness.

– We should keep the ton per hectare yield at such low value, that other factors became the limit for the quality level, which is somewhere around 5 – 7 tons per hectare.

With the above vineyard concepts, the next step in wine making is to not destroy the raw material in the winery. Looking around in the world for premium white wine making, Alsace was one of the choices for excellence. Our wine friends in Sweden brought us in contact with a skillful wine maker in Alsace, and we proudly copied the state of art winemaking applied in Alsace.

We gently press full clusters in a top modern press, separating different juice qualities in various fractions, which are separately fermented very cool for several months, and then assembled to a handful of our offerings. Our wine style results in rich fruit with balanced and soft acidity, making the wines fresh and crisp in their youth, and powerful to improve for many years in the bottle.

The key


Visitors to us can not only immerse themselves in the aromas and flavors of our wines, but also relax in our estate center and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Balaton. In the middle of the “Genesis” vineyard, a picturesque landscape of Lake Balaton unfolds in front of us, all the beauties of which can be enjoyed by our guests while staying at our terrace.

True, we only process Rhine Riesling, yet our wines are extremely varied from vintage to vintage. The further variance of our wines emerge from different juice fractions, from different vineyards with their different soils, and from different maturity of fresh or bottle-aged wine.

The requested wine tasting takes place under the guidance of our qualified colleague, during which our dear guests can taste and get to know many small and essential details and feel free to ask any questions.


In May 2016, as the “Sandahl Rezidencia”, we launched our 4-room guesthouse, which is also located in the central building of the Sandahl Promo house in the “Genesis” vineyard.

Surrounded by a fabulous and peaceful environment, visitors are guaranteed to be recharged. The house offers the most beautiful panorama of Badacsony, one of the most picturesque slices of the Lake Balaton landscape. The rooms and furniture are of typical Scandinavia design, appreciated in whole Europe.



Villa Sandahl Ltd. / Sandahl Rezidencia

8261 Badacsony, Római út 203/1.

Zsolt Palkó



Dig it 2018

Light golden colour with a pinch of greenish shade. The intense, youthful nose reveals some basalt sweetened by ripened tropical fruits and refreshed by citrus fruits. A complex wine with finely tuned acidity.

Tie Mania 2016

Its pale golden colour anticipates a young wine, however, the nose reveals a bottle aged, matured wine typical of vintage 2016. A true Rhine Riesling abundant in aromas, complemented with green apple, floral and citrus notes. Its minerality lingers on. The palate impresses the taster with its balance again and again: sugar and acidity in perfect harmony. A complex wine.


Oh deer  2018

A young wine, still impressive and as years pass, it will reveal even more exciting colours. Its complex nose shows ripened citrus notes enchanting lily of the valley mixed with volcanic minerality and classic, characteristic aromas of the variety. Pronounced acidity, but well integrated into the flavours. We will find harmony in the long lasting sip: zesty citrus fruits appear along tropical fruits and saline minerality.

Rabbit periscope 2017

A full bodied wine with intense nose. Minerality, perfume and extraordinary fruitiness at the same time. Rounded, complex wine, which tempts the consumer to pour another glass. The rich palate reveals ripened citrus fruits, sun kissed apricot and mango along with stone fruits, a touch of salinity and caramelized sugar. Acidity is well integrated into the flavours. Lingering, long sip.
Wet Stones

Wet Stones 2015

A gold coloured, mineral Rhine Riesling with fabulous aromas resulting from bottle ageing. The minerality coming from volcanic Badacsony mountain is accompanied by notes of ripened summer fruits and citruses. The varietal character is complemented with a hint of botrytis both on the nose and the palate. A harmonious wine easy to love.


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