“Phenomenal value for money”

Like many of our readers, we have started another week in lockdown. Since we are in a little shed on a mountain with no proper address, home delivery is not an option for us, we rely on the nearest Lidl’s wine selection. Thanks God it is quite good, we can find several lovely, easy drinking, good value wines. Amethyst Furmint by Dereszla Winery in Tokaj is a good example. It has the typical characteristics of Furmint, and a little residual sugar makes it a round, juicy, adorable wine. I checked Vivino and I could find the following descriptions: Very pleasant easy drinking wine. Suits to spring/summer sunny weather. Palate of tropical fruits, light body. Mineral. Another hit in this price.” “Pretty good shit for a fiver. Plus the drunker I get the more I can pronounce the words and read the back of the bottle……….. honest!!!This is just phenomenal value for money. Furmint makes bright lively dry wines which taste predominantly of pear. Great property.” Well said – and since Lidl is one of the largest exporters of Hungarian wines, you are likely to find this wine in your nearest Lidl. If you do so, do not hesitate!

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