Podrum Wineart – a fancy wine epicentrum in Belgrade

Serbia is an amazing wine country with a lot to discover, just think of the flagship grape, Prokupac, but there are several exciting varieties beyond that. Vuk Vuletić, the sommelier champion of Serbia is somewhat parallel with Serbian wine culture: dynamic and has huge potential. Vuk Vuletić is head sommelier of Podrum Wineart, a place where Dereszla Tokaji Aszú is also available.

More than 200 labels

Podrum Wineart is an importing and distributing company, however, shipment and logistics were not enough for the owners, so in 2009 they opened a wine shop and wine bar in the very heart of Belgrade, then 6 years later another one in the so called Novi Belgrade part of the Serbian capital. „In addition to plentiful and varied wine list and a wine shop located within the premises, Podrum Wineart in Novi Beograd offers a rich and diverse selection of dishes, under the baton of Chef Petar Mandic. Out of his culinary specialties, and only for true gourmets and those who indulge in food, we recommend homemade pasta, meat and seafood dishes prepared by Sous Vide technique, as well as treats from the domestic cuisine” – says the website, and we can trust them, especially because a young, forever smiling, ambitious guy is the head sommelier, who happens to be the Sommelier Champion of Serbia.

A 28 year old champion

Vuk Vuletić was one of the youngest contestants at ASI Sommelier World Championship in Antwerp this year, where he got through to the semifinals and ranked 19th out of 66 competitors. Italian gastronomy made a great impression on him, and Vuletić has a passion for cigars as well – he won third place at Habanos World Challenge 2018. He is head sommelier of Podrum Wineart, a place (or in fact more places) with a fascinating wine selection of Serbian, French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, German, Austrian, Australian and ex-Yugoslavian wines.

Dereszla Tokaji Aszú at Podrum Wineart

There is only one Hungarian wine available at Podrum Wineart, but we must admit, it is a great choice. „Unfortunately, very small amount of Hungarian wines is being imported to Serbia, but I think your country makes great wines and also outstanding value for money for most of them” – told Vuk Vuletić to us, and he will participate in Borjour Magnum tasting in Budapest in February. Chateau Dereszla is a winery with history, amazing sweet and dry wines and in many cases quality pairs with reasonable prices as well. Dereszla 5 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú is made of 75% Furmint and 25% Hárslevelű, the grapes are picked manually and the wine is matured in wooden barrel. „Golden colour. Surprisingly smooth, velvety. Peach and orange on the palate. Refined acidity structure and perfect balance.”

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