Pool with a view of the vineyards

Hilltop Wine Hotel and Restaurant has a stunning location and now from the renewed pool and its surroundings guests can fully enjoy the view. Hilltop is in Neszmély wine region, only 60 kilometres from Budapest. Ideal summer destination for those, who are allowed to enter Hungary (all EU citizens plus some more).

Europe and Hungary reopen

The European Union created a website where travellers can easily check if there are any travel restrictions due to COVID-19 measures. Planning your trip it is advised to start with this website. Hungary has launched a touristic campaign to help people working in the touristic sector, which includes several discounts, free gifts travellers can enjoy. If you book a room in Hilltop Wine Hotel until 15 July and mention the slogan #visszajövünk (‘we will come back’), you will be granted a wine tasting of three wines. Hilltop is a well known winery in Hungary, but it is also known in the United Kingdom: Ákos Kamocsay chief winemaker was chosen Winemaker of the Year in the UK! The winery has a premium line named after the chief winemaker, and these wines are all created by this talented gentleman personally.

Beef cheek with marrow bone

The restaurant of the winery offers delicious, rich meals mostly from the best recipes of the Hungarian cuisine. Beef cheek with marrow bone is a good example of what you can expect: juicy, spicy, heavenly plates which make you stay longer… The dish is served with toast for the marrow bone and cucumber salad with vinegar and sour cream – again a typical Hungarian salad. The sommelier recommends to pair the ample plate with Kamocsay Premium Merlot. “The showpiece vineyard of Hilltop with a superb modern winery and award winning winemaker, Ákos Kamocsay, all contributed to this stunning merlot. Ruby red, velvety, intense, charaterful, full-bodied red wine filled with the taste of red berries from the highest positioned and sunniest vineyard of the Neszmély Wine Region. With passing years it becomes finer and finer.”

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