Le Tour de Dúzsi Merlot Rose Szekszárd

Ride your bike and taste Dúzsi’s “bike wine”

Etyek “Pedal Bar” on 3 September

Test the new bike route from Budapest to Etyek and enjoy the next event of Etyek Picnic. September Pedal Bar is dedicated to cyclists, no wonder Le Tour de Dúzsi rosé wine will be in the spotlight. Plus: Bike Beauty Contest…

The new bike route is part of the Budapest – Balaton bike route, to Etyek it takes 23 kilometres and according to those who have tested, it is worth trying it. In some places you can get lost due to the lack of proper amount of signs and there are sweatening steeps, but the landscape is beautiful. However, with your bike you can legally taste wines in Etyek, in the “vineyard of Budapest”.

September 3 Pedal Bar is a relaxed wine and food festival with several spots to visit. ‘Stelázsi’ cellar is one of them offering the above mentioned Dúzsi rosé from Szekszárd, and you can also have a cold roast beef with Le Tour de Dúzsi grape sauce and crispy baguette.


How did the bike mania start?

Tamás Dúzsi, founder of Dúzsi Family Winery joined the local bicycle sport team at the age of 16. It was love at first ride, ever since his best moments are the ones when he is riding up the hills of Szekszárd. When he got seriously ill and he spent a year between life and death, he was dreaming of those slopes to ride. Finally he survived, and though he was extremely weak, he needed help to get on and off the bike, he could finally ride up his favourite hill. No wonder, this passion must appear on one of his wines, too, it is Le Tour de Dúzsi.

Recently the label of this family of wines has been redesigned, this is what the designer team commented: “As a former road cyclist, Tamás Dúzsi wants to delight wine consumers with real Szekszárd flavours as a part of an imaginary bicycle tour. In Le Tour De Dúzsi he uses the most characteristic grape varieties of the wine region, which can also be a pleasant accompaniment to cycling wine tours.”

Le Tour de Dúzsi 2021 is a rose wine made of 100% Merlot. Fruity, refreshing, featherlight wine abundant in red berry fruits, mainly sooch cherry and raspberry.

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