Rosalia rose wine event Budapest 2023 June

Rosalia Wine Picnic in Budapest on 9-11 June

Rosé and other refreshing wines in City Park

60 exhibitors await guests to enjoy the latest vintage rosé wines in the shadow of the huge trees of City Park. Exhibitors come from every corner of Hungary, just to mention a few: Borbély Family Winery from Badacsony, Dúzsi Family Winery from Szekszárd, Feind Winery from Balatonfüred–Csopak, Garamvári Vineyards from Boglárlelle and TelekiWines from Villány.

“Half the year has gone in a blink of an eye. But fear not, for this can only mean one thing: it’s time to sipping rosé together once again in the pulsating green heart of Budapest, sheltered by the majestic, age-old trees. Take a leap and head to City Park, following the trail that leads to the iconic BalloonFly. We’ll be waiting there eagerly, so why not join us at Rosalia Wine Picnic from June 9th to 11th!” – say the organisers of the annual rosé fiesta in the introduction of their website.

Date and time: 9–11 June 2023, opening hours: FRIDAY, JUNE 9: 14-00–1.00, SATURDAY, JUNE 10: 12.00–1.00, SUNDAY, JUNE 11., 11.00–21.00
Entry to the festival: Drinks and food must be paid for by the exhibitors, but all concerts, professional, and entertainment programs are free.
Program: apart from the food and wine vendors there will be stage programs and activities for children.
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3 rosé wines not to miss

Borbély “Kinnagangon” Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, Badacsony

Borbély Family Winery has its vineyard on the picturesque, volcanic Badacsony mountain. “Kinnagangon”, the name of their Pinot Noir rosé is hard to translate. “Gang” is a kind of corridor in block of flats with the entrance doors to the flats. As a consequence, this a kind of community place, where neighbours meet, water the plants, greet each other and chat in a relaxed manner. “Kinnagangon” means “Outside-on-the-corridor”, thus the name itself suggests a relaxed time of the day, a good chat. According to the latest panel tasting of Vince wine magazine, this light pink rosé boasts “clear and refreshing cherry and sour cherry notes on the nose. Some carbon-dioxide makes it even more thirst quenching and refreshing with a hint of tartness at the end.”

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Borbely Rose Badacsony Hungary 2022

Feind Cabernet Rosé 2022, Balatonfüred–Csopak

Another rosé from Lake Balaton, but from the opposite end, the eastern edge of the lake. Feind is a family winery, which has become a state-of-the-art estate recently thanks to a huge development project. Now the estate features the most modern winery equipment, some of them represent the only model in Hungary. The reward has come fast: Feind Olaszrizling is listed in The Wine Society in the UK and is a big hit, and gold medals shower from international wine competitions.
Feind Cabernet Rosé 2022 is made of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. As Vince magazine panel tasting reveals: “the light pink coloured with some orange tinges has intense nose with sour cherry with a touch of minerality. A juicy, delicious, full bodied rosé with and some grapefruit and crispy acidity.”
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Feind Cabernet Balaton Rosé 2022 Hungary

Teleki Wines Syrah Rosé 2022, Villány

The largest winery of Villány has a whole range of pink wines, the most elegant is undoubtedly the bottle fermented rosé sparkling wine made of 100% Pinot Noir. Teleki Tradíció 1881 Villányi Pinot Noir Rosé Brut has intense, complex nose with peach, orange and discreet yeasty notes with some citrus aromas. The palate is characterized by refined, subtle texture, firm structure, crystal clear flavours.
The Syrah Rosé 2022 is a different story with spiciness, flavoursome raspberry and sour cherry on the nose. It has a significant body, not a featherlight rosé, yet the fresh acidity lifts it up. Fruity palate with a lot of sour cherry and redcurrant. Vince magazine panel gave it 4 stars – which means outstanding quality –, and it costs only 2000 HUF / 5-6 euros!
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Teleki Syrah Rose Villány Hungary

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