Save the date: a Magnum tasting in February in Budapest

Borjour is a team with several wine projects, mostly tastings, and the largest, more spectacular and more comprehensive of all their activities is the so called Borjour Magnum. Magnum logically stands for the size of the event: it is definitely the largest indoor tasting of Hungarian wines (two wine festivals are even bigger, but they are open air events). It will take place on 16th February in Budapest, 2nd district.

A relaxed event behind the witty name

’Borjour’ is a pun to rhyme with French greeting ’bonjour’ with another meaning: ’bor’ stands for wine in Hungarian, and a ’zsúr’ (pronounced in the same way as the French ’jour’) is a friendly or familiar gathering. Borjour is a relaxed tasting, and Borjour Magnum is their annual grand tasting which will take place for the 10th times next February. This next edition will be more grandiose than ever: more than 220 wineries will occupy 3 buildings of Millenáris Park offering more than 800 wines. The tasting begins at 3 pm and ends at 9 pm, tickets cost 7000 HUF / person (22 euros). 25% of the tickets are already sold, therefore it is advised to puchase tickets in advance. Click on the link below, select the green button ’Jegyet veszek’ (Purchase ticket) and if you need help, contact us.

3 wineries not to miss at Borjour

220 wineries – a huge number, so visitors should definitely make a plan before visiting. The whole list of exhibitors is not uploaded yet, but we know that several superb wineries will be present, for example: Babarczi Winery (Pannonhalma), Csányi Winery (Villány), Borbély Family Winery (Badacsony), Dobosi Winery (Balatonfüred-Csopak), Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd), Etyeki Kúria (Etyek), Frittmann Winery (Kunság), Garamvári Winery (South Balaton), Gere Tamás and Zsolt Winery (Villány), Grand Tokaj (Tokaj), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Kovács Nimród Winery (Eger), Lajvér Wine Estate (Szekszárd), Sabar Wine House (Badacsony), Taschner Sparkling Wine House and Winery (Sopron), Tornai Winery (Somló), Tóth Ferenc Winery (Eger), Tűzkő Wine Estate (Tolna), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery (Villány). We will post some hints in January, but meanwhile read our first three recommendations regarding Borjour Magnum exhibitors.

  • Borbély Family Winery, Badacsony

The winery focuses on Olaszrizling, and they create their wines made of selected grapes from the unique terroirs of Badacsony region. The beginning 0.5 hectare plot has increased to 23 hectares by now, which is an ideal size for the family: it is still possible to handle and at the same time it is large enough to give the freedom to create a wide range of wines. Apart from the centre of the estate they have vineyards on five mountains of Badacsony wine region: Badacsony, Gulács, Tóti, Csobánc and Bács mountains. The have received several important acknowledgements recently, and the year 2018 was even more fruitful than the ones before.

  • Kovács Nimród Winery, Eger

A winery producing great wines of international standars. KNW wines are sold all over the world, they have impressive sales figures even the USA– no wonder: they are equally outstanding with international varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah etc), and with indigenous varieties. Their Furmint has been selected the best Furmint of Hungary at VinAgora and their Grand Bleu is a Kékfrankos, which must be tasted once in a lifetime.

  • Taschner Sparkling Wine House and Winery, Sopron

Kurt Taschner started to make bottle fermented sparkling wines well before it became trendy in Hungary. His Chardonnay is super elegant, but he also concentrates on indigenous grape varieties. How much Frühroter Veltliner have you tasted so far? None? Then taste Taschner’s white wine made of this rare variety: it boasts flowers and peach on the nose, tropical fruits and spiciness on the palate. Mango and citrus fruits. Light, juicy wine ideal with turkey dishes.

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