Save the date: Franc & Franc in Villány

As Michael Broadbent said, Cabernet Franc has found its home in Villány. Indeed, it gives complex and outstanding wines, thus the wine region created an appellation called Villányi Franc, which is strictly controlled by the board of the region. Franc & Franc conference and tasting day event was founded in 2015, and during the years several guest regions were presented along with Villányi Franc including Loire, New World Wines and neighbouring countries. This year the conferencetakes place on 22 November in Bock Cellar, while the tasting day is on the following day, 23 November, and the tour includes winery locations with 40 exhibiting wineries from Hungary and invited countries. The conference – called Forum – promises to be an extra interesting one with renowned speakers and tasting of old vintage Cabernet Franc wines. Tickets for the conference cost 19.900 HUF (61 euros) and include the conference lectures, coffee break, lunch, tasting of at least 30 wines and a surprise gift. The conference lasts from 9.30 until 18.00.


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