Sofia wine event with Hungarian masterclass

DiVino.Taste, 17–19 November, Sofia, Bulgaria

DiVino.Taste is the biggest and main Bulgarian wine event and it is worth visiting as a professional challenge or as a opportunity to spend a lovely weekend in Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria. The seventh edition of DiVino.Taste again will gather all important people and producers in the Bulgarian wine industry, which apparently is in rise the last 10 years. 17th, 18th and 19th of November 2017 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) the downtown of Sofia will be the wine heart of Bulgaria with more than 500 wines by 70 wineries and nearly 6000 wine connoisseurs, buyers, restaurateurs, oenologists and visitors. The wine show takes place in the very center of Sofia city, Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture.

This year – a masterclass on Hungarian wines

DiVino.Taste is well know for its excellent masterclasses (see some speakars of the past below), and this year one of the masterclasses will present Hungarian wines – of course with a little twist, with something new in each case. Here is the list of wines and the reason for presenting them:

Furmint – the flagship grape variety of Hungary, the famous grape of Tokaj. But have you tasted it in a méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine?
Tokaj Furmint Brut, Garamvári Winery, South Balaton

– Sometimes Hungarians are able to cooperate, work together, place the needs of the community ahead of their own needs. BalatonBor, the community wine of Balaton broader region is a wonderful example of it. BalatonBor, Laposa Winery, Badacsony, 2016

Aromatic grapes are important in Hungary, popular and well sold. However they are not only meant for everyday consumption, they can be elegant and gracious as well!
Irsai Olivér, Babarczi Winery, Pannonhalma, 2017

– Furmint is the most important grape variety according to many experts, but there are quite as many who prefer Hárslevelű to Furmint, and say that it has even more flavours and more potential.
Grófi Hárslevelű, Tornai Winery, Somló, 2013

Kadarka is known as Gamza in Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian Gamza wines are usually more complex than Hungarian Kadarka wines – however recently several clone selections have been carried on, and they have spectacular results.
Kadarka, Heimann Family Winery, Szekszárd, 2016

Bikavér blend used to flood the lower shelves of supermarkets, and thus its reputation is not too shiny. But things have changed, years passed, and now the red blend called Bikavér is a controlled, magnificent wine style.
Egri Bikavér, Superior, Tóth Ferenc Winery, Eger, 2013

Cabernet Franc is rarely used in itself, usually blended – like in Bordeaux. However the variety “has found its home in Villány” – as Michael Broadbent said once when visting Villány wine region.
Kővilla Selection Cabernet Franc, Csányi Winery, Villány, 2012

– Everyone knows Tokaji Aszú, but have you heard about ‘Máslás’ and ‘Fordítás’? Ancient styles and still made!
Tokaji Fordítás, Zsirai Winery, Tokaj, 2008

‘Puttony’ is a well known expression when speaking about Tokaj – but according to the recent regulation the word Puttony is not to be used for signing the sugar content of a Tokaji Aszú.
Tokaji Aszú (equivalent of 6 puttonyos), Pajzos Tokaj, 2013

Irsai Olivér – a representative of the new vintage

One of the favourite wines of the above wine list will undoubtedly be Babarczi Irsai Olivér, the only wine from 2017. The typical notes of Irsai Olivér grape variety are well represented in 2017 vintage. The colour of this wine anticipates the featherlight body and its freshness. On the nose and palate the muscat flavours of Irsai Olivér dominate the wine – the intense, attractive muscat notes “jump out” of the glass! A lovely, refreshing wine typical of the grape variety.

The idea behind DiVino.Taste

Gourmet Publishing is organising wine events since 2010 and DiVino.Taste is the crown of their work. The idea behind the forum is to organise a simple, business and clients oriented, meeting point, where all the Bulgarian producers can be presented on an equal footing, divided by main regions and sub zones. The key position in the heart of Sofia is also very important for the clients and the image of the event in general. The additional program of seminars and master classes are the added value of the event with interesting and useful tasting subjects and speakers such as Michel Rolland, Angelo Gaja, Dr. Wine Danielle Cernili, Caroline Gilby MW, Konstantinos Lazarakis MW and many more.

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