Hungarian Circle of Wine Writers 2022

Super 12 white and red wines announced

Hungarian Wine Grand Prix 2022

It is the 7th edition of the white and red Super 12 lists selected by the Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers. The wines are nominated by the member wne writers and they vote for all the nominees in several rounds. The final part is a blind tasting to choose the Grand Prix winners. This year the white winner is Cseri Septimus Rhine Riesling 2019 from Pannonhalma wine region and Günzer Tamás GT 50 Cuvée 2019 from Villány.
To see the full list of Super 12 white and red wines, scroll down.

The winewriters founded a special award to commemorated the recently deceased Dr. József Kosárka, a great friend, an enthusiast wine writer and founder and president of the Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers. The award goes to the winery whose wines receive the most nominations – this year the winner is Thummerer Winery in Eger with 5 wines nominated by the members.
Out of the 22 Hungarian wine regions altogether 10 wine regions are represented. The most successful wine regions are Tokaj and Szekszárd (with 4 “super” wines each), then comes Villány, Eger and Pécs with 3-3 super wines.

Dr. József Kosárka

Super 12 white (in alphabetical order)

  • Balassa Tokaji Furmint Szent Tamás 2019, Tokaj
  • Barta KVG Furmint–Hárslevelű 2021, Tokaj
  • Cseri Septimus Rhine Riesling 2019, Pannonhalma
  • Figula Köves 2020, Balatonfüred–Csopak
  • Holdvölgy Meditation Király Furmint 2018, Tokaj
  • Kősziklás Juhfark 2021, Neszmély
  • Pajzos Tokaj Furmint Selection 2019, Tokaj
  • Pállfy Fekete-hegy Olaszrizling 2020, Balaton Uplands
  • Planina White Kadarka 2021, Pécs
  • St. Andrea Mária 2019, Eger
  • Szabó Zoltán Rhine Riesling 2021, Pécs
  • Villa Sandahl Oh Deer Rhine Riesling 2018, Badacsony

Super 12 red (in alphabetical order)

  • A. Gere Fekete Járdovány 2019, Villány
  • Almagyar Érszeki Wine Estate Kadarka Superior 2020, Eger
  • Eszterbauer Grand 2017, Szekszárd
  • Günzer Tamás GT 50 2019, Villány
  • Pannonhakmi Apátsági Winery Infusio 2019, Pannonhalma
  • Pécs University Wine Estate Summa Merlot 2020, Pécs
  • Sebestyén Iván Bikavér 2019, Szekszárd
  • St. Andrea Agapé Nagy-Eged-hegy Grand Superior Bikavér 2017, Eger
  • Takler Szenta-hegyi Cabernet Franc 2018, Szekszárd
  • Vesztergombi Alpha 2017, Szekszárd
  • Von Beöthy Kékfrankos Várkút Selection 2018, Badacsony
  • Vylyan Mandulás Cabernet Franc 2017, Villány

The story of Vesztergombi Alpha

We, Hungarianwines contributed to the selection of the name for the wine, we released a call for being a godfather, and one of our readers, Michał B. Paradowski suggested the name Alpha for this special wine. As Csaba Vesztergombi said about 2017 vintage: “Every winemakers deserves a once in a lifetime vintage, 2017 is the one for us.”. Several of his 2017 wines won international accolades, and Alpha, the essence of this vintage won grand gold at Berliner Wine Trophy among other accolades.
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