Our winery is in the heart of the Tokaj wine region in Hungary, just a few miles from Europe’s geometric centre. The Mád basin holds a special position in the world of grape growing because of its unique soil, macro climate, and microclimate. Settled as early as the 15th century, Mád is identified in ancient documents as a borough. It was a meeting point for barons, counts, lords, and wine merchants, making it a pivotal location for vine growing and the wine trade.

Holdvölgy operates on an area of twenty-eight hectares. Our estate is situated on twenty-seven parcels within seven different vineyards in the best areas of the Mád basin. Our cellar is one of the oldest cellar systems in the region, with some sections dating back as far as the 16th century. Our cellar is also one of the longest, measuring 1.8 kilometres.


The history of the winery started with a one-hectare birthday present. By 2006, the Estate had grown to twenty-eight hectares. The goal was and still is to achieve the vision of creating an iconic brand by international standards. In the eve of this 21st Century and taking into account all the major wine regions of the World only Tokaj and more particularly the Mád Basin would give us the means to succeed in our quest.

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Hold and Hollo Sweet 2011

Creamy apricot, melon and fresh basil are the main characteristics of our 4th vintage. The apricot is also present in its dynamic taste, complemented with soft honey and pineapple, providing deliciously pleasant, full sips. It has a great acidity-sugar balance, which makes this blend easy-to-drink and charming, also it evokes with ease and passion the sensual, playfully sweet face of Tokaj.


Hold and Hollo Dry 2018

The fragrance starts off as a snow-white petal, with dynamic, citrusy aromas, green apple and gooseberry, boldly pushing the boundaries. As we get to the fresh, yet juicy, crunchy sip, apple continues to dominate, alongside something really special note – the striking, aromatic essence of passion fruit, intertwined with sour lime and then deepened by the creaminess of green banana. Impressive balance, intense experience.


Holdvölgy Signature

Tokaji Selection du Domaine 2007

The Holdvölgy’s liquid signature. It’s elaboration can be compared to a free style excercise of figure skating. The target: choosing from the historical Tokaj wine-making techniques (Fordítás, Máslás, Szamorodni, Aszú, Eszencia) and preparing the most beautiful wine of the vintage, according to Holdvölgy style. Reaching the most dynamic structure possible, with the complexity of an Aszú 5 puttonyos. Fresh and rich Botrytis aromas, lush flavors of honey flowing in it, an excellent sugar-acidity balance, youthful freshness and unforgettable richness of flavours. Its high sugar content accompanied by such acidity is only able to offer so many fruits and aftertaste. It has decades to live!


Holdvölgy Vision

Tokaji Dry Selection 2018

The sixth vintage of our estate selection is vibrant and unique. The innocently opening aromas of Williams pear, cedar and quince dazzle us immediately. On the palate its pure and vigorous with pineapple and pink grapefruit notes leading the way to balanced pear flavour. Round, elegantly structured and complex wine with infinite length of flavour.


Holdvölgy Meditation

Tokaji Furmint 2018 Király

The first attention is caught by its brilliant clarity. The essence of apricot and quince elegantly rules the nose with a graphitic frame. The balanced sips reveal gentle layers of passion fruit, pink grapefruit and quince – consciously deepening the sensation. Sophisticated and modern wine in the spirit of a crystal clear thought; made of the immaculate furmint bunches of the historical first growth Király-vineyard (King-vineyard).


Holdvölgy Exaltation

Tokaji Sárgamuskotály 2016 Nyulászó

Clear, tight late harvest wine, vibrant imprint of this international grape variety and Grand Cru Nyulászó vineyard from a cooler vintage. The spicy and rich nose is characterized by delicate notes of honey, lemongrass, rose and mango. On the palate we have peaches, lychee, lime and pear. The precise acid-sugar balance reveals the irresistible character of the wine. Elegant and seductive.


Holdvölgy Culture

Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2008

It starts off with vanilla and lots of tropical fruit on the nose, followed by cooler herbal notes, as well as with tertiary aromas of fungus and bread-crust. Full and thick, demonstrating a serious concentration on the palate, with a taste dominated by dried fruit (apricot in the first place), vanilla cream and sweet spiciness – with the latter one to prevail in the finish. A great promise from a specifically „aszús” vintage year.