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Sweat Easter loaf & Koch Ice Wine

Ice wine is a rarity now in this era of climate change. Severe winters are more and more scarce in Hungary, thus we have to cherish those rare occasions when the temperature goes below minus 7 Celsius and the treasured berries can still be picked in good condition. It happened 2007, and Csaba Koch (Winemaker of the Year 2020) could harvest for ice wine on the 20th of December. (See the photo below of Koch Winery estate centre taken this March). And the wine is still available in a small quantity – 1370 bottles!

At Easter, Hungarian people eat ham with horse radish, boiled dyed eggs and sweet Easter loaf. This latter one is sweet, yet still good with the cooked and smoked ham. In some families at Easter the same stuffed sweet bread is made as at Christmas, stuffed with walnut or poppyseed. In this case, Koch Ice Wine is a perfect match!

Koch Ice Wine is made of 100% Rhine Riesling. The grapes were obviously picked by hand, and – unlike most ice wines – it was fermented and matured in small barrel. “Darker shade of golden colour. Fruity nose and palate with apricot, hazelnut almond and acacia honey.” A playful, vibrant dessert wine for only 16.18 euros!

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