Garamvári Cserszegi Fűszeres

Taste Balaton in autumn as well – on 5 November in Veszprém

Lake Balaton recalls cherished memories of vacations not only for Hungarian people, but for many others, for example for citizens of the former East Germany, since for many families torn apart it was the only possible meeting point. However, the lake district aims to be much more than a summer tourist destination, thus there are several initiatives to attract attention to the 365-day merits of Lake Balaton. At this Balatonalmádi tasting visitors can taste wines from 25 wineries, like Feind Winery from Balatonfüred, Tornai Winery from Somló or Garamvári Vineyard from South Balaton – this latter one can boast 2 of the “Best Wines of Balaton”.

Date and time: 15.00–21.00, 5th November 2022
Venue: Pannónia Kulturális Központ, Városház tér 4., Balatonalmádi, Hungary
Tickets: 3900 HUF / person
Buy tickets here (scroll down until you see a form, choose “sétáló kóstoló”, tick the first box, mark the number of tickets you need and go an paying (“Tovább a fizetésre”).
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Garamvári wines – do not miss them!

Balaton wine contest is held annually, this year the 19th edition took place. Balaton is the so called “broader wine region” including 6 wine regions, namely: Balatonfüred–Csopak, Balatonboglár, Balaton Uplands, Badacsony, Somló and Zala wine regions. Samples came from all places, altogether 67 producers sent 260 wines. The president of the jury was Dr. Attila Fiáth, a renowned wine expert of Hungary. Garamvári Vineyards won 2 trophies out of the 5: white and red. The Best White Wine of Balaton is Garamvári Lellei Cserszegi Fűszeres 2021 while Sínai Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 won the Best Red Wine of Balaton award.

More about Garamvári Vineyard

Garamvári Vineyard
Garamvári Vineyard – the estate building in Balatonlelle

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