Heimann harvest dinner in Szekszárd

Taste Heimann Kékfrankos in Szekszárd, London or California!

Harvest dinner, Blue Danube tasting, SommSelect webshop

Heimann & Fiai (meaning Heimann & Sons) wines are available in many countries (see below), but now let us highlight 3 great places to taste: Heimann estate on 7 October for a harvest dinner, London with Blue Danube tasting on 12 October and any time in a virtual space – SommSelect webshop in California.


A 6-course harvest dinner great story tellers

Zoltán Heimann is a great story teller, his elaborate speech, his unmistakeble voice and his witty sense of humour is unforgettable. This time, at this unique wine dinner their bistro’s chef, Egon Kopis will join him and will share childhood memories and fresh experiences along with other members of the family. The dinner includes plates like the traditional Transylvanian soup called “Csorba” (paired with Siller 2022) or lamb with peppercorns, barley and cabbage (paired with Baranya-völgy Kékfrankos 2019). The dinner is on 7th October at Heimann Birtokbisztó (the new bistro restaurant of the family estate) and costs 22 500 HUF (53 euros) with wine pairings.

Check out the full menu and book here


Blue Danube – indigenous black grapes of us in London

On the 12th October London downtown Town Hall Hotel will host a trade and press grand tasting with wines of Kékrankos (Blaufrankisch) and other local varieties of Austria, Bosnia–Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia. Hungary will be represented with 20 wineries with Heimann & Sons among them. Zoltán Heimann Jr focuses on Kadarka and Kékfrankos, two traditional grapes of Szekszárd wine region, and he makes single vineyard wines with the less possible intervention both in the vineyard and the cellar. He will pour 5 wines, and one of them – Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka 2020 – is included in Caroline Gilby MW’s masterclass about rare varieties “Rescued from the brink“. Heimann & Sons wines to be presented in London:
– Szekszárd Kadarka, 2021
– Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka, 2020
– Szekszárd Kékfrankos, 2019
– Bati Kereszt Kékfrankos, 2019
– Szívem Kékfrankos, 2018

More information and registration for the trade tasting and the masterclasses

SommSelect: “a food wine extraordinaire”

The Californian webshop sells exciting, carefully selected wines from several countries including Armenia, Lebanon and Hungary. From the Heimanns they offer Kékfrankos Bati Kereszt 2019. The wine illustrates well the low intervention philosophy of Zoltán Heimann Jr. As David Lynch sommelier and editorial director commented: “In addition to farming organically, the Heimanns are on the cutting edge of natural winemaking trends, typically bottling their wines with the tracest amount of sulfur possible.”

More Bati Kereszt Kékfrankos 2019 at SommSelect

See it at SommSelect webshop

Heimann & Fiai wines are available in several countries: USA: Danch&Granger Selections (California), Knit Wines (New York), Canada: Rezin (Quebec), Germany: K&U Weinhalle (Nürnberg), Naturgenuss GmbH, Weinhandlung Suff (Berlin) BorStore.de, Weingenuss aus Ungarn (online), Denmark: Løgismose, The Netherlands: Anfors-Imperial, Belgium: Roi de Rois, Russia: Lion Wine, Poland: NaWino

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