Béres Birs Quince Pálinka Tokaj

The spirit of a brave village

Béres Quince ‘Pálinka’ from Erdőbénye, Tokaj

Once upon a time there was a young girl, who enchanted the invading Turkish rulers and saved many local souls with her wit and courage. Béres Vineyard and Winery dedicated a wine to this girl Magita, but now we would like to recommend a spirit from Erdőbénye, a 40% distilled drink made of 100% pure quince from the 1.8 hectare quince orchard of Béres.

In the northern hemisphere February is still cold winter, thus, as we say in Hungary: we need “liquid winter coat”. Well, ‘pálinka’, the Hungarian protected origin spirit made of 100% pure fruit is the best solution.

“Tropical fruits on the nose accompanied by notes of citrus and pear. The palate starts with the tartness coming from the peel of quince, but it is complemented with the delicious flesh of the fruit. Oily, silky structure and long, long finish.”

Find Béres Quince Pálinka vintage 2018 here (in Hungarian, but the rest of the website is in English as well)

More about Béres Vineyard and Winery

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Béres wines are available in several countries. If you can’t find an importer near your home, you can order Béres wines from Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country.

Beres vineyard
Béres Vineyard and Winery with the surrounding vineyards and orchards

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