Tokaj is among the top 10 destinations


An ultimate list by American VinePair

VinePair American drinks website made a list of 10 winelovers’ destinations – all of which have something trendy and exciting. The ultimate list was created early in January, meant to give travel ideas for a whole year with wine countries like California, which has just been recovered from the great fire, a South African region, „the New World’s newest Burgundian region”, Corsica with its hard-to find wines or Chilean Casablanca Valley, where you can see vibrant, cool street art works, and wines are excellent examples of cool climate winemaking. Tokaj is included in this prestigious list with dry wines being a relatively new phenomenon: „Now, winemakers in Tokaj are garnering attention not only for the nectar-like Tokaji, but also for dry wines from local grapes like Furmint and Hárslevelű. Located two hours east of Budapest, most of Tokaj’s vineyards surround an ancient volcano, their cellars carved into volcanic rock. A car is definitely necessary to get around, as are appointments for tastings; but the benefit is that visitors often get one-on-one tours with winemakers. New energy is surging into Tokaj, making 2018 the perfect time to experience it.”

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Vinepair – the sound of future?

The above quoted article is undoubtedly worth reading – it takes only 7 minutes as Vinepair anticipates it for the readers –, inspiring, concise, yet it gives some extra information about each destination. Spreading its “booze tips” since 2013, VinePair has been offering loads of easy reading, but at the same time neatly prepared, well made content in every drink-related topic. We’re a group of people obsessed with experiences centered around drinking and connecting them to everything else in their lives from news, to politics, to arts, to sports and culture.” VinePair wants not less, but to become one of the most world’s most influential lifestyle publications.

One of the many pearls of Tokaj wine region

VinePair is right, a car is a definitely necessary, since the communes of Tokaj wine region are ten-fifteen minute’ drive from each other, and some of the wineries are outside the villages. By now an ample amount of accommodations are at visitors’ disposal including a 5 star hotel and several really top quality, gourmet restaurants. Pajzos Tokaj is one of the several excellent Tokaj wineries. Pajzos Vineyard covers 87 hectares of which 54 currently produce grapes. There are 22 hectares of Furmint, 17 hectares of Hárslevelű and 15 hectares of Sárgamuskotály, as well as some experimental plantations. Ambitious and talented young CEO, the French Laurent Comas adds momentum to this prestigious estate. Their zesty dry “T” Furmint is very clean and fresh with the scent of a dewy spring meadow and some mango basis – a good start of a wine tasting, then you will fall in love with Tokaj!