Vince Day – a winter tasting in Mád, Tokaj

On 19th January four wineries await keen winelovers for a whole day tasting and vineyard tour to enjoy the spectacular view of the winter vineyards and the majestic wines of the village. Vince, the patron of vineyards is celebrated every year, priests bless the future fruit on this day. Mád celebrates Saint Vincent for the fifth time, and this January first (after the welcome ’pálinka’ István Szepsy greets guests and guides them during the traditional vine ceremonies. Treasure hunting with warm wine (glühwein) will be fun for everyone, and then visitors will be taken to each of the four wineries in turn: Demetervin, Holdvölgy, Szent Tamás, Zsirai wineries. Participants will have the chance to taste 3 wines at each winery, at Zsirai Winery for example they will surely taste their magnificent single vineyard Furmint called Középhegy Furmint.On the nose flowers, linden, nectar and some mineral notes. Apricot, apricot stone. On the palate the wine is dominated by determined acidity and it is balanced with the residual sugar around 4 gramms. The honeyed, nectary, flowery notes are also present. Elegant wine with its own character which reflects the terroir as well.”

The whole day program with tasting costs only 9000 HUF (28 euros), meals are not included.

Registration and more information:

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