Vineyard tour in the darkest hour!

Night tasting in volcanic Somló wine region on 22-23 June

Somló, the smallest volcanic wine region awaits adventurous visitors this Friday and Saturday (22-23 June). On the night of 22, all the wineries will open their doors. At 10 pm bonfires will be lit around the mountain to symbolize the ancient eruptions of the volcano. On Friday afternoon 3 masterclasses will be held, each focusing on a typical grape of Somló: Olaszrizling, Furmint and Juhfark (the tastings will be cunducted in Hungarian). To find the programs of the 34 wineries, click on the name of the winery. (The website is in Hungarian, we are glad to help if you need, just write to

Kreinbacher estate, jazz, seasonal dishes

Kreinbacher Estate offers live jazz music on both nights besides winery visits and relaxed, familiar tastings. The estate is a good option if you want to have a stunning dinner– their chef creates delicious plates of seasonal ingredients. Kreinbacher makes bottle fermented sparkling wines using indigenous and international grapes.

Tornai Winery, dance, kids’ programs

Tornai Winery will be the scene of the regional wine contest award ceremony at 2 pm on Friday, and it will also host great dance parties both nights. Tornai Winery will have several programs for children as well on Saturday, and they will offer the delicious Somló burger. The Juhfark masterclass will also take place in Tornai Winery on Friday, 8 pm.

Csetvei Cellar, hotdog, lángos

There are two „newcomer” wineries as well worth visiting: Csetvei Cellar has its home in Mór wine region, but they are glad to present their wines from the Somló vineyard, too, along with street food dishes. Hotdog is an evergreen favourite, however bread spread with lard is something typical of Hungary. And the „hungaricum” street food, the so called „lángos” (a fried, bread-like dough flavoured with sour cream, garlic, cheese and other thing) is going to be the star of the evening! (Program only on the 23rd June from 4 pm)

Zsirai Winery, cooking together and football

The centre of Zsirai Winery is in Mád, Tokaj wine region, but they are proud of the tiny vineyard of them in Somló. On Friday they invite their guests to cook together on open fire. For those who cannot live without football, they can watch FIFA matches while tasting wines. (Program only ont he 23rd June from 1.30 pm)

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