Vogue praising Lake Balaton in off season

Vogue fashion and lifestyle magazine online version dedicated a whole article to experiments you must enjoy at Lake Balaton in spring time, before the high season begins. The author, Alia Akkam must have tasted herself through the north side of the lake – or did her lesson thoroughly – but she gives a handful of good tips, we must admit. Liszkay, the pianist has a really stunning winery with wines you must taste, Kredenc bistro in Balatonfüred is admittedly a cool place to linger on when you just let time pass, and Bergmann confectionery in Csopak, near Balatonfüred is surely the sweet heaven.

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Read the whole Vogue article here

We certainly agree with the author, and encourage all of our readers to stand up and set up for a discovery of our beautiful lake land before the summer.

Vogue is an American fashion magazin, which was launched in 1892. Nowadays there are 21 international editions, even Vogue Arabic. The article mentioned above appeared on the US online site. Alia Akkam is a New York-based writer at the intersection of food, drink, travel, and design.

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