Wine festival among 100 year old misteries

St. Martin Day at Hotel Gellért, Budapest

Hotel Gellért is an emblematic house by the bank of the river Danube on Buda side. The historic Turkish spa is one of the favourite thermal baths of both locals and tourists. However few people had the chance to walk in the attic of the legendary building or the cellar of the hotel. Me, who is writing these lines now, had the chance to participate in one of the first St Martin wine festivals as the speaker in the unique „suite dinner”. The presidential suite has a marvellous view of the city, and this dinner with only 12 participants and the chef in the kitchen of the suit was a memorable experience. After the dinner a manager of the hotel took us for a walk in the dusty, dark parts of the building – this wing was at that time waiting for restauration. We could hear stories of hidden and luckily found treasures and even a skeleton in the cellar! Would you like to feel the touch of history in legendary Hotel Gellért? The 8th St Martin Wine Festival, which celebrates the 100th year anniversary of the house is a perfect occassion on 8–11 November. Goose dishes, suite dinner, craft beer tasting, „pálinka” tasting and of course superb wineries with their new vintage wines.

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5 wineries you must visit at Gellért St Martin Wine Festival

A light white to begin with – Etyeki Kúria, Etyek

The state of art winery produces stunning Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, their rosé is always among the best ones, and at the festival start your tasting with their white blend, Kúria White: Vibrant fruity nose with flowery notes. Pear and grapefruit on the palate. Fresh, pleasant acidity that gives structure and freshness to the wine. A lovely, vivid wine with long finish.”

A complex white to go on with – Dobosi Winery, Balaton Uplands

The family winery grows their vine organically, and the wines have achieved numerous acknowledgement. Their single vineyard Olaszrizling wines are more than worth trying! Bio Triangle Olaszrizling 2016 is a good example. Refined wine with zesty acidity, good balance and some oaky tones. Lovely, long finish. It gets more gracious with every sip, and shows more and more of its charming character.”

It’s time for a rosé – Tornai Winery, Somló

Well, in fact Pink Pinot Grigio is not a rosé, actually it’s a white wine with pinkish hue coming from the skin of Pinot Gris / Grigio (Szürkebarát). And of course you must try Tornai Juhfark, which has just been selected the best Juhfark in Hungary!

It’s red wine o’clock – Csányi Winery, Villány

RedY is a new community blend of Villány, a so called „bistro wine” to attract the younger generation to wine. Csányi RedY is a perfectly balanced, light, lovely, juicy red wine with a huge basket of red fruits. A wine to enjoy!

A decent finish – Tóth Ferenc Winery, Eger

Eger wine region is probably the most versatile one in Hungary, and so is Tóth Ferenc Winery with pleasant, juicy yet complex white ones and deep, elegant, great red wines. They also produce areated sparkling wines, you will love them as a break at the tasting. And if it comes to something serious, taste their Egri Bikavér Superior! „Serious structured rounded wine with long finish and great potential.”

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