Wine is better with music? Tips to enjoy both in Hungary

Or music is better with wine? One thing is sure: these two pleasures of life often go hand in hand. Now we are recommending great Hungarian wineries that have realized the soul healing effect of music and wine.


1. Open cellar weekend, ’Hoppáré’, Babarczi Winery

This weekend is – thanks God, literally – a long weekend, because Monday is a day off as well commemorating the Holy Spirit. In Hungary this weekend is traditionally a wine tasting weekend, cellars „open their doors” all over the country. Babarczi is a family winery in the spectacular Pannonhalma wine region, they produce one of the best Irsai Olivér in the whole country, and their Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc is also stunning. This weekend, on 4 June they are welcoming guests with a whole day program: tasting from 11 am, food by ’Gombakuckó’ (something like Mushroom Shed) and Hoppáré concert at 7 pm, a band that makes your mood lighthearted for sure! Pre-registration is needed: info@babarczipince.hu

2. Chamber music and much more in the vineyard

Etyeki Kúria is situated in Etyek, near the capital, only a short drive from Budapest. They are full of ideas, last Saturday for example they invited Republic Quartet, a band which played different kind of music. Chamber music, cool wine, sunset in the vineyard – amazing. Their next big thing is Chardonnéj on 24 June (the name of the event is a pun with the pronounciation of the famous grape and the Hungarian world ’éj’, which means ’night’), a great tasting event organized by Etyeki Kúria. You can taste still and sparkling Chardonnay wines from the host and from invited Hungarian wineries (like the above mentioned Babarczi, plus Gróf Buttler from Eger, Pajzos-Megyer and Sauska from Tokaj and many others). Of course there will be music accompanying this event, too: Random Trip, a formation with talented musicians and Juli Fábián, a wonderful singer with stunning voice. Tickets cost 9800 HUF (around 32 euros).

3. Csetvei Cellar – the love of wine and music

As we wrote earlier, the Csetvei-Machán love story is touchy in itself, makes you smile and urge you to taste their wines and listen to their music. Since the couple from the tiny wine region of Mór cannot do anything else, but their beloved profession, Krisztina goes on making her beautiful wines, and her husband, Frigyes Machán, alias DJ Nesta finds the perfect match for each wine. Napholdcsillag (SunMoonStar) is the most wellknown blend of the winery, and Nesta recommends a special piano music for this wine: „When you don’t feel like thinking of the meaning of life, there’s notheing better you can do than drinking wine and listening to good music.” As he says, the classical, the jazz and the popular elements of Keith Jarret musician’s work make a harmonious outcome, just like Chardonnay, Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) and Ezerjó, the three grape varieties of Napholdcsillad integrate in the resulting wine. And the professional adds something important: if you like the music, pay for that (for example buy a vinyl), and if you like the wine, buy a crate.

If you are interested in the other wine and music pairings of the couple, let us know!

And „listen to” ’Napholdcsillag’

4. Jazz, French bands and French varieties at Attila Gere

Gere Jazz Festival a serious event in terms of location, artists and wines. Not serious of course if you are there, the event will be great fun. The 2 day jazz program on 9–10 June boasts with 6 great muscians / bands, 3 each day. Veronika Harcsa with her airial, still strong and unique voice is famous all over the world, and the other day’s superstar, Nouvelle Vague is a French band with easy to understand jazz. The winery offers some French (Bordeaux grapes) to go well with the music, but if you are there, do not miss their areated sparkling wines, both white and rosé, called „Frici”. Ticket for 2 days: 24 900 HUF (80 euros), but one day tickets are also available.

2011-Phantom-265x10245. Music on the label

And if live music in the vineyard or wine&music pairing is not enough, here you have some wines with music on the label, and music in the soul of the winemaker when it was made.

  • Phantom – not of the Opera, but from the best vineyards of Gróf Buttler Winery. This wine is made of Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, the best selected fruit, and the resulting full bodied, concentrated wine has a great aging potential.
  • Bock&Roll is a blend of Kékfrankos, Syrah and Pinot Noir in equal proportion, aged in second use oak barrel for 18 months in Bock Cellar, Villány. Taste it and let’s rock!
  • Soul, Blues and Rhapsody: the different genres stand for different wines: Soul Syrah, Rhapsody Bikavér and Blues Kékfrankos, all made with the great care and musical attitude at Kovács Nimród Winery.

Music and wine together is great fun! If you have discovered a good ’Wine&Music’ pairing, let us know!

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