Villa Sandahl Not Yet Badacsony 2018

Wine of the Month: ‘NOT YET’ from Villa Sandahl, Badacsony

Whatever Zsolt Palkó, Villa Sandahl winemaker touches, it becomes gold. Villa Sandahl has won so many acknowledgements in the past year that it is hard to list. Just an attempt: Circle of Wine writers Best White Wine, VinCE Magazine 2nd Best Volcanic Wine, Par Excellence award by the Hungarian Sommelier Association. The latest result is from market leading VinCE Magazine, which selected Villa Sandahl Not Yet 2018 the Wine of the Month – it achieved the highest scores among new releases of the month.

“Greenish yellow colour of medium intensity. Crystal clear, exciting, developed nose with flowers and citrus fruits. Medium body, perfect balance wine with vibrant, zesty acidity enhancing the fruity character of the wine. A well made Rhine Riesling, which gives pure pleasure.”

Stop travelling – what a prediction!

Villa Sandahl owners design their own wine labels, and each year they choose a different theme. For 2018 it was road signs – a different road sign is depicted on each label. “At the time of label design, we didn’t know how true this should get” – they commented on the label of Not Yet.
Read more about vintage 2018, the complicate procedure of making Villa Sandahl wines, the label theme and Not Yet.

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villa sandahl not yet 2018 label

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