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Wine of the Weekend: Patricius Furmint

Some people say that soups do not pair well with wine. How silliness it is! A wine enthusiast could pair wine even with with water, we do not know the concept of ‘impossible’. Soups do pair well with wine, especially a flavorsomemeatsoup, which needs a complex wine, like a Furmint from Tokaj.
Cover photo: Furmint Fotó

Though our cover photo features vintage 2017, now the current vintage is 2021. This wine boasts a distinctive fruity varietal character, complemented with a perfumed nose due to Furmint grape. The palate combines nice minerality and elegant, vibrant acidity to deliver the same fruitiness as the nose with peach and a touch of almond and make a well-balanced and easy-to-drink  terroir white wine.
This Furmint is available in many countries, for example in the United Kingdom imported by Enotria & Co.

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