Winewriter’s Choice – live in the city of Debrecen!

Date: 28 January, 15.00–20.00
Location: Déri Museum (4026 Debrecen, Déri tér 1.)
Type of event: award ceremony and consumer tasting (price 6000 HUF)

We have recently published a piece of news about the first competition of the Circle of Hungarian Winewriters, where Szent Tamás Mád Furmint was chosen the best white wine and Thummerer Egri Bikavér Grand Superior was selected the best red wine. Now we can proudly share the date of the award giving ceremony to be held in the city of Debrecen.


Mihály Munkácsy

At the event not only the two winners, but many producers of the best nominated wines, the red and the white Super 12 wineries will also be present and show their wines:

Debrecen is only one and a half hour’s drive from Budapest, or it is even better – when participating a wine tasting – to go by InterCity train. Debrecen has an international airport as well. Debrecen is the second most populous city in Hungary. It used to be the parlamentary city twice in the history. The city has several historical buildings worth seeing, and a must see spot is Déri Museum, where the tasting event takes place. The museum hosts paintings by Mihály Munkácsy, one of the most important Hungarian painters. In summer, the Flower Carnival of Debrecen attracts thousands of visitors.

More info about the carnival and the city of Debrecen


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