Worried about pot belly growing at Christmas?

An absolutely non-serious video to deal with extra calories

Sabar Wine House in Badacsony region is famous for its relaxed wine & music events, its special community of regulars and for its hilarious videos. This one is really a gem, watch it, only 5 minutes and you don’t need any knowledge of Hungarian. You will laugh your socks off!

There are only two text involved parts, translation is under the video.

Setting: Two wine estate owners (Gábor Ádám of Sabar and Gergő Istvándy from Istvándy Winery) wake up at home – not far from each other, both in Badacsony wine region – realizing that their pot belly is far bigger than than normal…

Title: ‘A nagy életmódváltás Tótiban’ = The Huge Change of Lifestyle in Tóti village

Text message scene:

– I am fed up with my “quarantine body”.

– LOL, me too…

– I have an idea…

– ???

– Let us run up Tóti hill!

– (big sigh) Phew, what a great idea!

– Okay, then let’s meet in 20 minutes at the market! (Editor’s comment: they are talking about Liliomkert market, a famous artisan market in Balaton Uplands)

Discussion scene in the market:

– Gergő, listen. This Tóti hill upwards running, did you mean it? Seriously?

– Well, look, when I got up in the morning, looked into the mirror, at that moment I had meant it, really. But let’s discuss it, think it over!

– Christmas is coming closer. Think of the ‘beigli’! (Editor’s note: traditional Christmas delicacy with walnut or poppy seed filling.)

– Oh, beigli with poppy seed!

– Fishsoup…

– Breaded carp…

– Floating islands…

– Stuffed cabbage…

– ‘Mákos guba’… (Sweet dish with poppy seed.)

– ‘Kocsonya’… (Jellied dish with smoked pork and other pig parts.)

– Stuffed pork flank…

– My favourite is goose liver… with a bit of risi e bisi.

– Gergő! How about postponing this run until springtime?

– You know what? You have persuaded me long time ago. Do you have any wine on you?

– Me? Always. I got rid of the healthy smoothie earlier.

(Pouring wine, clinking of glasses.)

– I also have some wine.

– Is it what I am thinking of?


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