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Zita’s ‘springwine’

Vineyard tours restart at Sol Montis, Mátra

“Zitakötő” is a semi sweet white wine created by the father, the founder of the winery to his daughter, Zita, who is also a winemaker and an ambitious manager of not only the estate, but the wine region is well (she is the president of Mátra Council of Winemakers).
The name of the wine is a pun: ‘szitakötő’ is dragonfly in Hungarian, a sleek, beautiful insect of spring meadows, the beginning of the word is replaced with Zita, the name of the daughter.
The wine is made of Muscat grape, some of the berries were shrivelled at the time of harvest, therefore the residual sugar is 20.7 g /l, and the wine is abundant in floral notes. Fermentation took place after 2 hours of soaking, ageing in stainless steel tanks. Spicy notes mingle with flowers and white flesh fruits, and the taste lingers on for a long time after tasting.

Ideal with light, fruity desserts or just by itself in the afternoon, sitting on the terrace and watching dragonflies…

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Vineyard tours and tastings in Fabulous Mátra

Sol Montis offers personalized vineyard tours from March to the September, so if you plan a trip to Hungary, the spectacular scenery of Mátra wine region is a perfect choice.

Guests can also choose between several flights of tasting and they can also accompany the tasting with home made cheese-cold-cut-sausage platter or some typical dishes from Mátra.

– The ‘Basic’ wine tasting includes 6 wine samples, a platter with home made cheese, sausages and bread along with home grown vegetables, mineral water and coffee.
Price: 5000 HUF (14 euros)

– The ‘Advanced’ wine tasting includes 7 wines, mineral water, coffee and one plate of warm dish. (Guests can choose from different options, but groups of less than 10 people should order the same dish. Some options: venison stew with porcini, goulash cooked on open fire, stuffed cabbage a la Gyöngyös style.)
Price: 7500 HUF (21 euros)

– The ‘Professional’ wine tasting includes 8 wines and a 3 course menu, mineral water and coffee. There are two options for the menu:

1.: ‘Palóc’ soup, BBQ spare ribs and home made strudel
2.: Carpaccio of venison ham, crispy roasted duck and hime made cheese cake
Price: 13 000 HUF (36 euros)

For booking, use the contact form.

If you are interested in avineyard tour, write here.

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If you cannot find an importer of Sol Montis near your home, you can order Sol Montis wines from Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country!

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