Budapest Wine Festival

30th jubilee Wine Festival at the Castle of Buda

After last year’s restricted version of the most spectacular wine event of Hungary, this year “Borfesztivál”, the legendary outdoor wine event returns in its full glory. At least we all hope that the 4th wave of the pandemic cannot defeat the strong walls of UNESCO World Heritage Castle of Buda. Save the date: 23–26 September, Castle of Buda, Budapest.

Cover photo by Zsolt Szigetvary

Fortune is really needed

When I was a child, we used to spend a long time with my mum opening very simple lottery tickets. We won small amount of money frequently, so we kept on buying tickets. Usually we lost all, but if we won, we spent it on cakes immediately. This year the 30-year-old Hungarian Gambing holding (“Szerencsejáték Zrt”) re-released these old type, simple tickets to celebrate together with the 30-year-old Budapest Wine Festival. The setting is the usual courtyards of the castle with breathtaking view. A true festivity of winelovers and winemakers, happy days dedicated to the blessed fruit of the harvest. We hope that this year the festival could be held without any restrictions.
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Wineries from all over the country

As for the exhibitors, the list is still growing, but we can already mention some of them: Csányi Winery (Villány), Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd), Dubicz Winery & Vineyard (Mátra), Lajver Wine Estate (Szekszárd), Borbély Family Winery (Badacsony), Paulus Wine House (Mór), Garamvári Vineyard (Balatonboglár), Zsirai Winery (Tokaj), Sauska (Tokaj and Villány), Haraszthy Vineyard (Etyek), Hilltop Neszmély (Neszmély), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja, Villány). This year Somló winemakers exhibit together, thus we can find the producers of the volcanic mountain together, including Csetvei Cellar, Tornai Winery or Barcza Winery.
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3 wineries not to miss

In fact it is hard to pick only three, therefore later, as the festival comes closer we will recommend more, but let us start with 3 (knowing the readers’ patience…).

Dubicz Winery & Vineyard, Mátra

Many wine experts believe that probably Mátra wine region is the next “big thing” in Hungary. A recent Mátra tasting served evidence: the lesser known, cooer climate wine region is full of talented and passionate winemakers. A few know that Mátra is also part of the volcanic mountain range lying across the country up to Tokaj. Dubicz is a family winery where young and talented Bernadett Dunai makes award winning wines with great care and attention. She believes in white wines as the strenght of Mátra, and her single vineyard wines are really must-try ones. Sárhegy Olaszrizling is for example from a vineyard (Sárhegy) with great potential, one of the top “crus” of Hungary. The barrique aged Olaszrizling was released in very limited quantity, only 800 bottles and is among the finest example of the variety. “Straw yellow colour. Matured wine with refined barrel notes on the nose. The outstanding quality of the grape is easy to discover – it deserves barrel ageing. The body and the acidity is in fine balance. The wine is elegant thank to the ageing in new oak for a few months.”
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Dubicz sarhegy olaszrizling

Garamvári Vineyard, Balatonboglár

Winemaker of the Year, Winery of the Year, Life Achievement Award – Vencel Garamvári won all the prestigious titles. And as for the future, he should not worry, since his chief winemaker, Péter Baranyai was chosen “The Most Successful Young Winemaker” at the 2020 edition of VinAgora with a Champion award, 3 gold and 2 silver medals. The booth of Garamvári is a good place to start our Wine Festival Tour, since they produce stunning méthod traditionelle sparkling wines as well – in fact Vencel Garamvári was the first to use Furmint for sparkling.

A recent success: Lellei Furmint Brut has been selected the sparkling wine of Veszprém Cultural Capital of Europe 2023! Lellei Furmint highlights the finest characteristics of the grape variety. Its delicate acidity is inherent, but it shows its beauty to such an extent in few wine regions. The nose is complex, a blend of mango, citruses, and pear. Elegantly light on the palate, its fruitiness is immediately apparent. A dry white sparkling wine with an intense nose, sparkling acidity, quince and pear flavours.

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Garamvári Lellei Furmint Brut

Paulus Wine House, Mór

First generation Paulus Wine House has arrived like a comet: we can find Paulus wines among the top results of every wine contest, among the most highly rated wines in panel tasting. What is more, the winery from the small Mór wine region is also a champion of prices, therefore its rosé has been selected the Rosé of Rosalia rosé festival. The winery makes a wide range of wines, its unique product is a sparkling wine made of the lesser known Generosa grape variety. The world’s first sparkling wine made of Generosa variety. The vinification method is known as ‘Asti method’. The sparkling wine shows all the distinct notes of the variety both on the nose and on the palate – floral and grapey with vibrant acidity. Due to the process and the variety the wine promises a unique, adventurous experience from the very first sip.”

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