A childhood dream for adults: ’birdmilk’ and sweet Tokaj

Hungarian language is easy. Say: ’Édes’. [Pronunciation: Eedesh]. It literally means ’sweet’, it refers to desserts or sweet wines. But you can smile at a cute baby saying how ’édes’ she is, or you can call your sweetheart ’édes’. And there is a wine, yes it is sweet, but at the same time it is fresh, juicy, light and very, very enjoyable. Pairs ferfectly with the cold, sweet but refreshing vanilla dessert.

Birdmilk = Floating islands
There is a French dessert called floating islands, very easy to make. In Hungarian we call it ’madártej’, which means ’birdmilk’. Of course birds do not give milk, but that’s the beauty in it. If they gave, it would be sweet, light and fluffy, just like floating islands, the dessert of our childhood. But children grow up and appreciate every single moment that flies them back to that vanilla flavoured era. I have tried it: birdmilk with TR Édes (you know, ’sweet): it really works. Time travel is guaranteed.

Why TR Édes?
Because this wine is a refreshing exception. It is not a Tokaji Aszú, it is simply a sweet wine (with 62,8 g residual sugar, perfectly balanced with acidity). And 70% of white connoisseurs would turn their back to a sweet wine without botrytis or any noble title like TBA. But this little sweet wine is cute, like a baby’s smile, heartwarming like your sweetheart’s hug, and most of all: it is very very delicious. On the nose tropical fruits and peach. On the palate there are the same fruits together with pineapple and maracuja. Fine and light barrel usage.” And the price? Only 6 euros ex cellar. Made of 90% Furmint and 10% Hárslevelű, it is just like in a dream…

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The recipe of floating islands

It is quite wellknown, but for those, who have never tasted or made it, here it is. Boil one 1 litre milk with 75 grams sugar and a vanilla bean. Beat 10 egg whites with a pinch of salt and a bit of sugar. With a spoon form dumplings, and steam them in the boiling milk (1-2 minutes). Mix 10 egg yolks with 75 grams sugar. Add a little warm milk to get an even texture to achieve temperature closer to the boiling milk. Add the yolks to the milk, but do not boil any longer, just simmer until it gets slightly thicker. Place the egg white dumplings on top and cool it in the fridge.

The photo and recipe is from Macok Bistro in Eger. Read our previous article about this gem in the town of Eger.

Here is a fairly good video of the recipe.

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