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A crazy good idea: why to buy a more expensive wine

Villa Sandahl is a really peculiar winery.

– First of all it is in Hungary, but owned by two Swedish brothers. So what? It is not so unique, okay, there are several estates in every country owned by foreigners. All right, but:

– They grow only one grape variety in their whole estate: it is Rhine Riesling. The circle is smaller, isn’t it?

– Plus, they make their wines so rigorously, so precisely, even the pressings are divided into different fractions – read more here, at the wines –, so they create every wine with the absolute precision.

– The perfectionism is rewarding: Villa Sandahl has won the latest Hungarian Wine Grand Prix, which means that according to the Circle of Hungarian Wine writers, Villa Sandahl

Rabbit Periscope 2017 is the best white wine in Hungary. And at the end of last year the estate was awarded Par Excellence award by the Hungarian Sommelier Association.

See how your wine will mature

Browsing Villa Sandahl website, I came across this chart above. It shows how each of Villa Sandahl wines will evolve with time, and they are not afraid of telling the customers, that they should not keep the most inexpensive Shop Stop longer than 5-6 years, while the above mentioned Rabbit Periscope will become even better with time.

This is the explanation by Villa Sandahl:

Here is a maturity graphs over our most recent vintages. With this, we want to answer the question: Why do you need to release so many wines, when the cheapest is really good enough? We claim the answer is: Yes, at bottling time this can be true, but they have very different potential, which the price reflects! Hope this is a good help for you when to select what you look after.

Are you a wine nerd? Than you will find plenty of interesting facts on Villa Sandahl website!

More about Villa Sandahl

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