Egri Bikavér Celebration 2022

“Bikavér marathon” in Eger on 18–29 October

En primeur, grand tasting, cellar tour and degustation dinners

The winemakers of Eger wine region have been doing a significant “facelifting” recently. The do not sit on their achieved results, but work constantly to get even better recognition for ther wines. Bikavér, the flagship blend of Eger has always been celebrated in the heart of the region, in the city of Eger, but this year the festivity will come in a new format. The “en primeur tasting” will be probably one of the most attractive programs for wine enthusiasts. The 2021 vintage Superior and Grand Superior Bikavér wines are not released to the market yet, and these wines – compared with their older vintages – will give exciting insight into the true character of Bikavér.

Raise our glasses at 15.52 on 18 October?

At 15.52? Isn’t it crazy? It has a reason: Egri Bikvér Day is held on 18 October to commemorate an important historic moment of Eger: the invading Turkish troops gave up their siege against the Castle of Eger on this day in 1552. And the year is the explanation of the minute for cheering. With this symbolic toast the series of various Bikavér programs begin.

Photo: Attila Busák

Egri Bikavér Celebration

“Warming up” activities with 3 great Bikavér wines

Taste some great Egri Bikavér wines, so that you can decide if you want to immerse fully in this wonderful red wine.


– Gál Tibor Síkhegy Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2016

A single vineyard Bikavér from the young Tibor Gál from a fabulous terroir. Impressive, overwhelming and layered. It is almost impossible to describe the myriad notes we can discover. It is enough to believe: this is SÍKHEGY vineyard. Sleek, ethereal wine with unbelievable elegance. Nothing is exaggerated, yet every component is present with astonishing emphasis. It is flowing, swirling, captures you, release you, takes off and catches you again. A pyramid upside down, standing on the tip of a needle.

More information about Gál Tibor Winery
You can order Gál Tibor Síkhegy from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country!

Tibor Gál

– Kovács Nimród Monopole Rhapsody Bikavér 2018

Nimród Kovács made his career in the United States, no wonder his objective is to put Bikavér and Eger on the world map of wine. His passion for music manifests in wines named like Jazz, Soul or Rhapsody – this latter one is a Bikavér with 39% Kékfrankos in the blend (and 39% Syrah, 12% Pinot Noir, 10% Cabernet Franc). “The unique voices of the Kékfrankos, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, blueberries, ripe harmonious aromas and flavors of cherry and spicy oak merge into one in our Grand Superior blend from Nyilasmár and Nagyfai vineyards. Every sip is full of imagination and passion, like a real rhapsody.”

More about KNW Rhapsody and the winery

KNW wines are available in several countries around the world, see partners here.

Taste Rhapsody Bikavér in London at Blue of the Danube tasting on 12 October

Nimród Kovács cellar Eger

– Tóth Ferenc Várvédő Egri Bikavér Superior 2018

‘Várvédő’ means something like “Defender of the Castle” – since this wine is dedicated to the heroes of the siege of 1552. A blend of Kékfrankos, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot from a hot vintage, aged in Hungarian oak for 24 months (each variety separately), then aged in for another half a year after the blending, before bottling.

“Serious wine, for serious people. Authoritatively d eep color and aroma. command authority. Notes of bottle bouquet and oak aging on the nose blossom out spices, tobacco and cedar. Dominant liqueur nose and taste ensured by the high but well integrated alcohol content. Soft acids and velvety tannins on the palate. The whole character of the wine exudes warmth. Chocolate and a slight chalkiness flashes up at the background. A wine with great body and very long finish”. 

More information about Várvédő and other Tóth Ferenc wines

Taste Várvédő Bikavér in London at Blue of the Danube tasting on 12 October

toth ferenc winery katalin

Events on 18–29 October

21 October, Eger Bikavér Gala Evening
Bistro Macok will serve dishes paired with Bikavérs and the Eger Bikavér Awards will be presented.

– 22 October, Eger Bikavér Wine Tour

The tour in “Szépasszony” Valley will start in the morning and run until the evening. The cellars of the city’s charming wine district will offer visitors a themed programme.

– 22 October, Eger Bikavér En Primeur

The walk-around tasting will offer an insight into the promising 2021 vintage before it’s introduced on the market.

Location: Bolyki Winery

– 29 October, Eger Bikavér Grand Tasting

The highlight of the event series. The tasting will take place in the Líceum’s Ceremonial Hall and will feature a personal presentation by local winemakers of their finest Bikavérs.

– 18–29 October, Eger Bikavér Wine Gastronomy Days

The Eger Bikavér Wine Gastronomy Days will start on the same day, 18 October, and run until 29 October, during which guests can taste special dishes paired with Bikavérs in local restaurants.

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