Breaded chicken full of onion – recipe and wine recommendation

Pentecost or Whit Sunday and Monday is one of the most important Christian celebrations. The Greek word ’pentecost’ means 50, because it is celebrated 50 days after Easter. The Holy Spirit and the foundation of the Christian church is commemorated at this weekend, and in rural Hungary several festivities used to be held, for example the so called Pentecost King was chosen: the boy with the fastest horse was crowned with flowers and he enjoyed privileges in the upcoming year like invitations to all weddings and free drinks in pubs. Some dishes are also associated with Pentecost as well, for example the breaded chicken breast from Makó. Makó is a small town famous for its onion production, with a special type of onion. The breaded chicken is not much different from the usual recipe, but this little difference makes it super delicious.

Breaded chicken breast from Makó

  • Cut the chicken breast into smaller pieces, scrub them with salt and ground garlic.
  • Beat two eggs and grind an onion into the beaten eggs.
  • Put the breasts in flour, and when flour sticks on the pieces well, place the meat into the egg. Repeat the procedure: flour and egg again. The coat will be thick and savoury.
  • Put the breasts into breadcrumbs and fry them in hot oil.
  • Serve with salad (extra fatty and full of carbon hidrates).

(The recipe is from Receptműhely.)

What to drink with the onion bomb?

The fatty and spicy meal wants wine with vivid acidity and spicy character, and though white meat is usually paired with white wine, we can try a red wine as well.

Frittmann Ezerjó, Kunság

Ezerjó is the indigenous variety of Mór can be found in Kunság wine region as well. It has extremely high acidity, but that is what we need know. Frittmann Ezerjó is aged in oak for 8 months. „On the palate medium intensity, the aromas follow the nose with apple, pear, mango and some roasted notes which make the wine creamy, however the structure is dominant by the firm, vivid acidity. Long finish with spicy character.”

Sógor Kadarka, Eszterbauer Winery, Szekszárd

Kadarka is an indigenous grape variety typical almost all over Hungary. János Eszterbauer in Szekszárd wine region is an outstanding Kadarka producer with great knowledge of the variety. At Pentecost weekend they open their cellar doors and welcome visitors with tasting and delicious food. Sógor Kadarka is an ideal partner of the breaded chicken. „This Kadarka is meant for every day with its primary aromas. Light, spicy and its acidity is in perfect harmony with all the other ingredients. The nose is intensely spicy, deep and complex. On the palate the same spiciness takes the lead accompanied by beautiful, fresh, crispy red berries. Easy drinking summer refreshment that reminds us sour cherry syrup.”

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