Breaking news: Sauska Rosé from Hungary is Best in Show, USA

Breaking news: Sauska Rosé from Hungary is Best in Show, USA

THE Rosé Competition 2018, under the auspices of the American Fine Wine Competition held its judging at RoboVault, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on April 10, 2018.  Eight esteemed wine judges gave out numerous awards, but critically selected four superb Double Gold finalists for Best in Show. After careful deliberation, the judges picked Sauska, from Hungary as “Best in Show – Dry Rosé!  This delightful rosé combined a unique blend of grapes that included: Blaufrankisch / Kékfrankos (26%), Merlot (24%), Pinot Noir (19%), Cabernet Sauvignon (16%), Syrah (9%) and Cabernet Franc (6%).  Reached in Hungary, Proprietor Andrea Sauska said, “We can`t believe we have won this competition! First ever American big wine award of our life.  Thanks to you, dear American Fine Wine Competition, this competition is international, the judging fair and blind, and chances are equal.”  THE Rosé Competition 2018, received a total of 173 entries and awarded 18 Double Gold Medals, 25 Gold Medals and 92 Silver Medals.  

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