Somló Juhfark Festival October 2023

Celebrate Juhfark with 14 winemakers on 21 October

Host: Tornai Winery, Somló

The unique grape of Somló, Juhfark deserves to be celebrated–it is capable of great wines reflecting the volcanic terroir and it can also elevate our weekdays with its crispy and refreshing acidity. Tickets are still available for the Saturday festivity.

Juhfark “Ünnep” is the Hungarian name of the whole day event on Saturday, and while it can be translated to “Festival”, “Ünnep”, the original word is slightly more solemn, more ceremonial. And when the world is torn apart, the length of the TV news is not enough to detail all the actual conflicts, it is high time to celebrate the community, the unity of individuals, the group of winemakers who join forces for the sake of a grape variety they believe in.

Date and time: 21 October, 13.30–19.30
Venue: Tornai Winery, 478 Somlójenő, Somló mountain, Hungary (2 hours’ drive from Budapest)
Ticket (voucher): 10 900 HUF / 28 euros
Transfer (from Budapest to Somló and back): 7900 HUF / 20-21 euros
You can easily purchase your ticket here to the grand tasting, the workshops along with the voucher for your return transfer from Budapest to Somló.

– 13.30–19.30 Walk around tasting with 14 winemakers displaying 25 wines with vintages from 2017 to 2022.
– 14.30 Vineyard tour around Somló mountain by bus with tasting at wineries. Participation costs 7900 HUF / 20-21 euros, voucher should be purchased online in advance.
– 15.00 or 17.00 Guided cellar tour and museum visit is provided, registration on site, ticket costs 1500 HUF.
– 16.00 Workshop: Somló Juhfark VS Other Juhfark
“How does Juhfark perform on Somló and other wine regions? How does the terroir affect this variety and how does the variety show the strengths of the terroir? What kind of wine is produced from this in the various wine regions? Interactive comparative tasting involving the audience.”
Participation costs 7900 HUF / 20-21 euros, voucher should be purchased online in advance.
Detailed program is available here
Contact:, +36 70 663 6641,

More information about Tornai Winery

Participating wineries and the Somló Juhfark wines to be presented

5 Ház Estate: Birtok Juhfark 2020, Unfiltered Juhfark 2021
Baráth Borműhely: Birtokbor 2020, Juhfark 2021
Barcza Winery: Juhfark 2019, Juhfark 2020, Juhfark 2021
Dobosi Winery (guest, Balatonfüred Wine Region): Bio Juhfark 2022
Fehérvári Estate: Reserve Juhfark 2021, Grand Reserve Juhfark 2021
Fekete Winery: Juhfark 2019, Juhfark 2020
Hegedűs-Szabó Winery: Juhfark 2021
Kolonics Winery: Juhfark 2021
Kőfejtő Winery: Juhfark 2017, Juhfark 2020, Juhfark Ság 2020
Kreinbacher Estate: Juhfark Selection 2020, Juhfark 2021
Marton Winery: Juhfark 2021
Somlói Apátsági Winery: Juhfark 2021
Szabó Winery: Juhfark 2020
Tornai Winery: Birtok Juhfark 2022, Prémium Juhfark 2021, Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2021, Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2020

Somló Tornai Winery restaurant autumn menu
Juhfark pairs well with a whole range of dishes. Try the autumn menu of Tornai restaurant (open at weekends)

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