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Celebrate Pizza Day by Koch Kadarka

Yes, today is the International Pizza Day. What to drink with a pizza? If it is the traditional, original Margherita, we recommend a spicy, fruity, lovely Kadarka! The Hungarian Sommelier Champion of 2020, Victoria Evans has just tasted Koch Kadarka, and she says, Italian spices can be detected on the nose when tasting this fresh, vibrant wine!

From Naples to the USA

Like most food and drink days, Pizza Day originated in the USA. The first Margherita pizza was made in Naples, Italy in 1861 to honour Queen Margherita, this is why Margherita pizza has the three colours of the Italian flag (green basil leaf, white mozzarella, red tomato). Italian immigrants in the 1940s took the love of pizza to the USA, and it became a huge success. 30% of Americans eat a pizza a week, and every second 350 slices of pizza disappear in someone’s mouth in the USA. In the States most people drink coke with their pizzas, the next is beer, but if you read this lines, you must be a winelover, so you need wine of course! The authentic choice is an Italian wine, but you can try our Kadarka as well, a perfect pizza wine!

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Vibrant and spicy: a great wine pair

Kadarka is an indigenous grape variety of the Carpathian Basin, it gives light, fruity and spicy wines. The sommelier champion commented the following: Elegant, hand-picked Kadarka from a difficult vintage for a winemaker. The heat of the 2018 vintage resulted in acid-poor and overripe wines in many wineries; but not at the Koch Winery. With good acidity and red fruits, Frisch Kadarka became a light wine with potential for further development. Pale ruby colour, surprisingly intense bouquet. Cherries, sour cherries, tomatoes, Italian spices and earthy notes. The sip is genuinely vibrant and long, with cherries, black pepper, smoky notes and tomato leaves in front of us. Kadarka variety is very sensitive and requires a lot of expertise, which is greatly influenced by the characteristics of the vintage. If a Kadarka wine has the real notes of the variety besides good balance, the workmanship should be acknowledged.

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Victoria Evans is tasting with Csaba Koch

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